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  1. Good afternoon. I know html & css, but I do not understand - how to take 0.dat and how to decode it? Where is he (0.dat) is on my PC?
  2. Good afternoon. After unpacking the files of any file no 0.dat How to take it ??? a list of all the files after unpacking stored in a file files.txt
  3. To be honest - I do not understand how to create 0.dat file. What is its structure?
  4. Maxthon I read the forum, but did not understand how to install skins in it. It will support the old skins in version 4.9 later? If yes - how soon? Without them, the browser has no desire to update .... (((
  5. Thanks! I deleted Maxton. Maxton reinstalled again. When you double-click on the file, the skin is not installed, open the file manager window downloads. Tell me how to solve this problem. Other skins, too, can not be established by means of a double click on the file. Skin is attached to the issue. Yoyoako MX3 Modern V4.4.7.mxskin
  6. Good afternoon! I very much want to in maxthon 4 can be installed from the skin Maxthon 3 (Modern) Please tell me - how to convert it to 4 Maxthon? Mx3_modern.mxskin
  7. First there was webkit, then on its basis chrome Therefore, it may have a method to get at least part of the extension to work directly with maxthon, or adapting to Maxthon?
  8. Good day! I know that is an extension for the browser Opera, which allows you to install the browser Opera extensions from Google Chrome. Is there any way to set in Maxthon 4 expansion from other browsers? For example from Google Chrome or Opera?
  9. Очень хочется в панели быстрого доступа изменить адрес сайта. Точнее...адрес внутри сайта. Есть ли способ изменить его, сохранив ту картинку, которая была ранее? После стандартного изменения адреса в панели быстрого доступа она будет зам ещена новой превью...но может можно изменить в каком-то из файлов или еще где?