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Bug Comments posted by ToothFaerie

  1. Hi, if you read my OP you will see that yes I did. So yes, I have tried before login into the new account browser and the same thing happens. 



    edit: Given that is not clear, but yes I have tried with Maxthon logged in and not to experience the same problem. Yes, I tried it before logging into Maxthon the first time I made a totally clean install. Sorry if the previous post sounds rude, that was not what I intended. 

  2. There is no reason to post an image as there is nothing to see, that is the problem. I cannot take part in the discussion because it does not show up on Maxthon. I can take part in the discussion with Firefox or Opera. I am not using the 4.9 iteration of Maxthon as it is a shambles with no push to cloud on right click (unless it is now an option, if not it is one of the main reasons I use Maxthon). I will take screenshot if necessary but they will be what I am explaining :-


     In Maxthon there is no discussion at the bottom of the page. The same with 4.9.


    In Opera or Firefox I have access to the discussion.


     If you really need to see images I will do it, but that is the case and I do not see how me showing images of it not working will help me or you. 


    Baaaah! Here you go, gives me a chance to use my super fast internet I had upgraded yesterday. :)




    P.P.S I should say it was working perfectly before I upgraded to 4.9, but has not worked since going back to 4.4. I have removed every part of the browser using Revo Uninstall and Ccleaner. So it is very unlikely anything was left after that.