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  1. Oops, retro mode is retro. In ultra mode works fine. Thanks.
  2. On Windows 11, works normally. Another PC, Windows 10 (Version7.1.6.1800(64-bit)0918 09:47), they are still "compressed". AdBlock is green. No other extension installed.
  3. The only extension being used is AdBlock. I will try later and post the results.
  4. Oops ... At home, Windows 10, Maxthon Version7.1.6.1800(64-bit)0918 09:47
  5. Maxthon really doesn't like UFC. Cannot play videos or display pictures properly. Maxthon (Version7.1.6.1600(64-bit)0904 16:24), Windows 10 pro: Firefox: Any suggestions?