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  1. On 5/30/2020 at 12:36 AM, leeuniverse said:

    I don't really think you're familiar with how long entirely NEW browser releases take, especially one that's based on an entirely NEW browser core.
    Especially since Maxthon has some unique features that other Chromium browsers are mostly to lazy to impliment.

    Maxthon also doesn't have the HUGE tech teams that other company's tend to have.

    I think most users of Maxthon who have benefited from it going back many years are fully appreciative -- BUT, the fact remains that Vivaldi, Opera and others have developed through numerous stages and still have a usable downloadable product, without leaving users of the old version in the dust.  That is what has happened with Max 6.   If too much time goes by without some usable Max 6 version, I don't see why anyone would be sticking around...

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