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  1. Sources updated - MD5: FE13EDAF7DC2A8F290C131A8B1ED1610

    - Better support of Maxthon portable version.

    - Error message if Maxhon.exe not detected.

    - Minor changes to the wording (thanks to 7twenty).


    Mx_En_Updater compiled - MD5: 0AAEB89CD7A394AAAB6BE0E1311F7688


    New bug update, sorry for the trouble.

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  2. Thanks for your modifications!

    If you have time you can verify the lines "DetailPrint" and "MessageBox" in .nsi file.


    For find the Maxthon folder, Mx_Updater check the registry key: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Maxthon3\Folder

    If this key doesn't exist, the default folder is set to: $PROGRAMFILES\Maxthon3

    The Maxthon portable version don't use registry, and if the portable Maxthon folder is not in "Program files" you need to select it manualy in Mx_Updater.


    After this step Mx_Updater check the Maxthon.exe version in "$INSTDIR\Bin"

    If the version is less than 4.8.8 = Maxthon Cloud (Webkit\npplugin)

    If the version is greater than 4.8.8 = Maxthon NG (Blink\plugins)

    Portable version have a Maxthon.exe in Bin folder? Or it's MaxthonPortable.exe (or other name)?


  3. Fast search on Google for example.

    Paste the good URL for Mx 4.4 translation.


    Example for French translation:

    This line dl the translaton file: 

    NSISdl::download "$TEMP\${PRODUCT_NAME}\"

    This line extract the file: 

    nsUnzip::Extract "$TEMP\${PRODUCT_NAME}\" "/d=$TEMP\${PRODUCT_NAME}\Translation" /END

    And this line copy the ini file on Maxthon Cloud folder: 

    CopyFiles "$TEMP\${PRODUCT_NAME}\Translation\*.*" "$INSTDIR"


    For French version, the .zip containt "Language" folder.

    If not for Russian version, add "\Language" in copy line: 

    CopyFiles "$TEMP\${PRODUCT_NAME}\Translation\*.*" "$INSTDIR\Language"


  4. For Russian version rename Mx_Xx_Updater.nsi/.ini as Mx_Ru_Updater

    In ini file (GUI), translate all "Text=" line.
    eg: [Filed3]
    Text=Update Adobe Flash Player
    --> Text=<Russian word for "update"> Adobe Flash Player

    In nsi file, search all ### comment and follow instruction
    eg: Rename $INSTDIR\Bin\Locales\xx-xx.lng $INSTDIR\Bin\Locales\xx-xx.bak ;### localized file name. eg: fr-fr.bak ###
    --> Rename $INSTDIR\Bin\Locales\ru-ru.lng $INSTDIR\Bin\Locales\ru-ru.bak
    NSISdl::download "$TEMP\${PRODUCT_NAME}\" ;### change URL and file name ###
    --> NSISdl::download "$TEMP\${PRODUCT_NAME}\"

    Translate all "MessageBox" and "DetailPrint" line (MessageBox with ";" (comment) not needed. It's for debug).
    eg: DetailPrint "Downloading Adobe Flash Player PPAPI"
    -->   DetailPrint "<Russian word for "downloading"> Adobe Flash Player PPAPI"

    With Notepad++ all comments (useless to translaste) are green.
    All message in "" are grey, but translate only "MessageBox" and "DetailPrint".
    Word start by "$" are variable, not translate it.
    eg: var MxFlashVersion
    DetailPrint "Actual version: $MxFlashVersion"
    --> DetailPrint "<Russian words for "Actual version">: $MxFlashVersion"

  5. Sources updated

    - Maxthon NG Support.

    - Check update online before download Adobe Flash Player (Official Adobe XML).

    - Sources compilation with NSIS 3 and plugins nsUnzip and XML (info in first post).


    Maxthon NG possibility: Update spell checker, update Adobe Flash Player, update included Flash Player plugin, remove included PDF plugin, remove other translations.

    Removing included Flash Player dll option disable (not possible with Maxthon 4.9), no update translation (not required).


    Maxthon Cloud possibility: Update translation and spell checker, update Adobe Flash Player, update or remove included Flash Player plugin, remove included PDF plugin, remove other translations.

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  6. I created a NSIS setup program which automatically downloads and installs the latest version of Maxthon localized language packages.

    It can also update Adobe Flash Player plugin and Maxthon included Flash DLL, and delete unwanted translations, included PDF plugin and included Adobe Flash plugin (in order to use the system one).


    French description


    This a generic script which you need to edit with notepad or NSIS script editor and modify language, URLs and file name.

    eg: Xx > Fr, >


    In order to make the edition easier, you can search "#" in the NSIS script to identify which lines to edit.

    For translate GUI and messages, search "Text=" in .ini file and "DetailPrint" and "MessageBox" in .nsi file.


    1) Download the source code (last MD5: ECDFE90ADCBF9D666E46E7FD1B2866E5).

    2) Edit files with notepad, advanced notepad (eg: Notepad++) or NSIS script editor (eg: HM NIS Edit).

    Mx_Xx_Update.nsi > NSIS script.

    Mx_Xx_Update.ini > GUI file.

    3) Download and setup NSIS 3.

    4) Download plugins nsUnzip and XML, extract nsUnzip.dll and xml.dll to "%ProgramFiles%\NSIS\Plugins\x86-ansi" and XML.nsh to "%ProgramFiles%\NSIS\Include".

    5) Right click on "Mx_Xx_Update.nsi" and compile the script.


    This NSIS script is designed for translation teams of each country to propose an easy and complete updater to their users.


    For international use, Maxthon English Updater can do everything exept update language (great for update Adobe Flash Player to all Maxthon localized version).


    Source code


    List of localized updater :

    Maxthon French Updater (MD5: B290919A9CB45C2ECB12CD5A9DA8D4A2)

    Maxthon English Updater (MD5: 8CE84F3748DF9A671790DC9A3CA20058)


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