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Posts posted by Golfmann

  1. ALL users want it FAST...want it to load pages crisply and display solidly.

    Over the years, it seems you get it there, THEN... come out with a new "greatest" version and start over.

    NOW you're talking about another one! it! what the heck, why not...

    I am using version v5.1.3.2000 because it avoids many of your improvements and patched together bug fixes AND works as above!

    I am waiting and will continue to TRY and use Maxthon until you get "the one"...
    Someday :)

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  2. speedfan helped mine a lot for the fans mentioned last week...

    The video was a fix I ran across some time ago to fix the memory leak in Windows, an entirely different problem

    Anyway, it addressed the problem in this post for me and I  Thought I'd pass it on....


    Maxthon's memory leaking is another subject. :)

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  3. It ALL worked fine for me...

    Best browser roll out ever and all that is required is PATIENCE! 

    That may be the hardest part. :)

    Another reason Maxthon is my favorite and has been for a LONG time!

    THANK YOU for your work and creativity!

    (an original... fan)