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  1. 1 hour ago, Dan said:

    This has got to be a record for the longest time taken to roll out a new browser version -- any longer and I will switch permanently to Vivaldi and Opera...

    its available here to some and on telegraph to anybody - no need to join just view - as to rolling it out its an apha version - a long way from finished or usable - i log on here in hope but i think thats fading fast - Vivaldi is way ahead of 6 - i cannot see that changing

  2. 15 hours ago, Ldfa said:



    interesting can someone explain that in simple english to someone who has no interest in bitcoin or blockchain or whatever else is implied - Jeff talks about that part being a module that can be removed - if so what will that mean to the browser

  3. 7 hours ago, BugSir006 said:

    This package contains :

    mx5skin_edge: Edge skin resource files.

    mx5skin_tabdown: Skin resource files of moving tab down.

    MxFilePackage: The tool of packing skin file.

    build.dat: Batch tool.

    mx5.mxskin: Output file after running build.bat




    nothing new here - in fact nothing to be seen - i thought you were going to post something new

    but then why would you?

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  4. 7 hours ago, Cute Little Ahri said:

    where are the skins, or atleast show us how to make skins, goddamn has this browser been given up on or something.

    has the browser been given up on - not if you believe the BS from china - trillions of users - well a few less than that - where they are other than in the mind of the marketing dept and developers is anybodies guess

    it works and is updated now and again - new features are added that nobody asks for or wants other than the company 

    skins - they are possible - if you want them then its a learning curve - the company seem to think they are not important and put forward that a colour change is a skin 

    dont expect much from this place - it seems to be drawing its last breaths 

  5. stylish has been updated a number of times on the extension centre - checking the version listed is 3.0.4

    non of the updates have ever worked for me and others that post comments

    the answer has been to stick with version 2.4.3 which whilst old works - i just keep the  2.4.3 extension write protected so any update does not work

    whether this get round the problem you state i have no idea but hopefully so



  6. 5 hours ago, said:

    I join the question. How to make tabs at the bottom?

    Присоединяюсь к вопросу. Как сделать вкладки внизу?

    the only efficient way to do any skin mod is to do it yourself - that means learning how shins are done but until they make skinning as MX3 every update has the potential to change mods so its virtually impossible for those who mod skins to keep up

    tabs at he bottom is easy enough - like i said above its not rocket science

  7. 1 hour ago, No.1MaxthonFan said:

    Ok, if I have never had a problem with fonts of any kind, why would I go looking for a setting to change something and create a problem?  As the old saying goes, "if it ain't broke, don't fix it"

    BUT - [add sarcasm smilie] thats how they seem to work - add something that nobody wants whilst old bugs go on and on and requests that have been around for yeas are ignored



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  8. 20 hours ago, areevave said:

    Instead the tab in maxthon browser, is on top. but how to move tab position to bottom of browser? any ideas, or extension? ~thank dev n people


    perfectly possible to move tabs down it needs uimain.dat to be modified

    as Maxthon tend to change things in every build posting skin mods is painful as they only last one release usually - there is no easy way to mod skins other than mods to the file mentioned 

    to do what you want is a matter of unpacking the file - moving one line of code and repacking the file - simple really but keeping up with their changes is the problem - the easy way - if its important to you is to learn how to do it yourself

  9. 40 minutes ago, nogain said:

    This topic was important. It always updated the skin for the tabs on bottom, function useful for many people. Unfortunately I'm not able to do it.

    with respect how is it important to many people - the last skin i posted which had tabs on bottom had a grand total of one download - say again - 1 - so hardy useful to many

    modding skins at that level is easy enough - its certainly not rocket science - so if its important have a look at the code and learn how to do it

  10. noads stopped working for me in the latest branch - with help from the devs it now works 

    there is [apparently] an error in the original noads extension - why it worked with earlier versions of Maxthon is not explained by Maxthons but no matter

    the error is in def.json

    def.json-'include': [ '*.', 'localhost' ]should be change to 'include': [ '*', 'localhost' ]

    i will not post a fixed version only point to the fix given by Maxthon and would acknowledge the work of the original author of the extension who i believe went by the name of Trincare and the Maxthon devs who found the error

    all i did was ask for help and am grateful for the help given

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  11. 4 hours ago, jseeley said:

    Thanks again for the help. I increased all numbers in @const TAB_MAX_WIDTH: 184dip;(contants.css) and  both sets of maxTabWidth = 220,232 (skin.ini). As a matter of fact, I removed all of these lines from the .css and .ini and there's still no change in tab width. The tab width seems to be specified from somewhere else. 

    In Firefox, I don't think that was me. I have tabs on top and then the nav bar with address bar below that and then I use the fav bar. Thx.

    i think the max width is hard coded - its certainly possible to change settings to reduce the tab width from that set but altering those same settings to a lager number has no effect so i think you are stuck wit what they have as a max

  12. 1 hour ago, FB Purity said:

    still waiting for my extension to be reviewed, its been in the queue over 2 weeks now, and i have yet another new update to upload, but again it seems pointless to upload if there is nobody reviewing the extensions in the queue

    i raised this elsewhere and Jeff commented - i thought it would have been resolved but obviously not - read into that what you want 

  13. 3 hours ago, BugSir006 said:

    Yes that's right Ody. The ultimate goal of us launching this new project is to reward our users will real values and eventually make Maxthon Browser prosper and develop well.

    i guess some will be interested but i cannot see the point - i use the internet for me not to generate money for myself or others - it seems at odds with built in adblockers - they are embedded by maxthon to block ads which websites add to generate revenue - maxthon are now proposing they add something that generates revenue for them - kettle calling the pan black it seems to me