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  1. 13 minutes ago, nevergetany said:

    Thank you, hopefully when 6 is ready to use they will use something that identifies it as being "final" or "official".


    Thank you.  Hopefully when 6 is ready they will use something that identifies it as being "final" or "official".

    when was MX5 final or official - its still beta - ok every so often it becomes a release but then it gets updated or a few bugs fixed and its back to beta

    MX6 will be no different and as to it being 'ready' it will never be finished - no software ever is - it might get to a point where its usable but that wont be for a long time imo - theres far too much missing and asked for - all we get is its been added to the list for the devs - if that follows the MX5 list then we will wait forever - just look at the stuff that was asked for on 5 that never got done

    so use 6 or not or find something thats more complete 

  2. there is another discussion on Telegram - vast number of 300+ members - it was possible for people like me to read the comments

    the word is WAS - i went to look this morning and its now locked and ii have to post a capcha number to look - so what have you got to hide - the fact that there is nobody there - i am surprised you state the actual number of members - why not say its 670million as you say thats the user base - or is it that the dont want the world and its wife to read the stuff posted - mostly rubbish with little content 



  3. 1 minute ago, zork said:

    HOW TO COMPLETELY REMOVE VBOX AND BSV MODULE? Deleting bsv.7z, vbox.7z, welcome.7z, files and folder "block" from webui folder does not help. 

    It was promised that users could remove the blockchain module they did not need. Was that a lie?

    i would guess its either

    this will be in future versions


    i have reported this to the dev team

    imo this project is going nowhere for 'normal' users - its a vanity project for Geoff - the few users that are left using Maxthon will continue to be disappointed

  4. 1 hour ago, Dan said:

    This has got to be a record for the longest time taken to roll out a new browser version -- any longer and I will switch permanently to Vivaldi and Opera...

    its available here to some and on telegraph to anybody - no need to join just view - as to rolling it out its an apha version - a long way from finished or usable - i log on here in hope but i think thats fading fast - Vivaldi is way ahead of 6 - i cannot see that changing

  5. when do you intend to update the core - the one used is many months behind todays release - changes in the core can affect the overall browser so whilst you are busy adding features and fixing bugs a new core could affect much of that


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  6. with respect - do you really think the majority of people looking to choose a browser are interested in the above - they will not have a clue what you are talking about - i include myself in that - thats why the interest here is minimal - each new release gets downloaded a few time - nothing in real terms - the telegraph site/link you give has a couple of hundred contributors - where are the 700 million Jeff tells us are using Maxthon - gone i suggest

    you are developing a niche browser - it will have its core but that core will be minimal imo - and statements like

    Maxthon will provide better services and make the world a better place.

    have you really thought about that with the world as it is today - Maxthon is seen as a Chinese Browser - thats beyond comment



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  7. so a few questions

    1 - the themes/skins are just different colours - good for those who are happy with that but what about full UI changes as was possible in all earlier version

    2 - when are we going to see things that are standard in all other browsers - bookmarks sidebar - status bar to name just 2 

    3 - when will the core be updated - its months behind current releases - i thought one of the main reasons for 6 was to be able to be up to date with the core

    at the moment [imo] 6 is way behind whats out there - it looks like something that might be ok - but when - there are mature products that blow it away - it needs to be complete now or in the very near future to gain a foothold - its in alpha stage - updates are slow - there seems to be no structure to testing and no official testers - well not here - bugs are reported to the devs in a hap hazard fashion - this place has very little input - the telegraph site seems no more than a talk shop

    as a way to report problems - inform users and generally keep people informed you should look how its done elsewhere - the Vivaldi forum being a case in point

    we have one person posting from Maxthon with little info and no discussion - you sacked the 3 admins who had kept this place alive and demoted all those below them - an odd decision at best



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  8. 32 minutes ago, leeuniverse said:

    Developer Question:

    Why are you adding old Maxthon Extensions to the new Maxthon 6?
    The Chrome Extension Store has just as good and even BETTER extensions than Maxthons for example your "Snap Screen".  There are like 3 Snapshot Extensions at least in the Chrome Store way better than it.  This seems like a waste of time?

    I mean, I get adding it maybe in the future if you make a super duper one, that's the best of any or as good as anything anyone else has made, then I can see adding it.  But Snap Screen is WAY less featured than the 2 or 3 best page snapping extensions in the Store.  I think you should be spending time on other things.  A chromium browser isn't the old Maxthon, so needing to have default extensions in the browser itself shouldn't be a priority in my view since we have all the extensions we want, but BETTER, in the Chrome Store.

    Make a better extension then I can see adding it to the browser, but I don't want to use Snap Screen, it's WAY less featured for example.  You are taking up space on my Toolbar and making things inconvenient for me.  If you "really" want to add your own extensions (which again I don't recommend, save as I already indicated), they need to be added to the Extension section so we can remove them, or have some other way to remove them.

    p.s. I get if you're adding an extension that doesn't exist or is as good in the Chrome Store, but again, your ad blocker and your page snapping tool isn't even as good/featured as Ad Block Plus or Nimbus Screenshot for example.

    i agree and disagree - have not looked at the new build but on your point that there are better extensions than snap in the chrome store i beg to differ on what i have looked at - that said i have not tried all thats listed so would be interested to look at what you say is better - please list them

    snap in m6 fills the requirement for many but it should be a separate extension - whether others are better or worse is not really the issue - if a user wants to use something else then they should be able to remove the m6 version otherwise it just bloats the install

  9. 20 hours ago, BugSir006 said:

    Hi there, I have added you to the tester group. 😊 You could access the Early Access to check the alpha version.

    so anyone can become a tester now it seems - post here and you are added to the group - so why not make it open to all - you will have no control over it soon as the test versions are posted anywhere and everywhere

    the whole project seems like a waste of time

  10. its been suggested before - they seem incapable of doing it - there have been suggestions and links posted - the [now sacked] admins even offered to pay for a commercial theme but like most everything on here it fell on deaf ears

  11. 5 hours ago, bricky149 said:


    It is no secret that I have expressed hot and cold posts on here over the years. Despite all of that, it has been an honour representing Maxthon as both an ambassador and, at one point, as a community manager. I do not regret being part of Maxthon's growth and what it stands for, and being able to be part of a community that shared those common values.

    However, I do not wish to request for my moderator privileges to be renewed. I wish you and everyone the best for the future of Maxthon.

    Kind regards,


    but you are still a mod - its just the admins he has sacked - seems odd as they did all the work over the years - not that theres much to do these days - Maxthon say they have 700 million users - you can pretty much count the users here on two hands - wonder where the other 699.999.990 are 

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  12. 15 hours ago, Ldfa said:



    interesting can someone explain that in simple english to someone who has no interest in bitcoin or blockchain or whatever else is implied - Jeff talks about that part being a module that can be removed - if so what will that mean to the browser

  13. i think 6 will happen in that a version will be released as Mx6 - whether it will be different is the key question - just as 4 was abandoned when the release number increased to 5 then 5 will suffer a similar fate imo 

    as to what 6 will be - well thats the big question - this new core is over a year old - how can they think thats good enough and why work on something so old to release it now

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