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  1. Hi all, and specially those who understand "UUMail", First of all, MANY THANKS for giving me such an exiting morning, to play with MX5! I don't think I'm entirely stupid, but I've got my limitations, specially when it comes to poorly explained "new features". In the whole, this UUMail sounds quite interesting and COULD be very helpful and useful. HOWEVER - would some kind sould @ Maxthon, PLEASE!!!, explain it SLOWLY and with some simple EXAMPLES! - for the elderly & ancient generation (who might be a bit slow in the uptake (I'm judging solely from myself!)! I DID create an UUMail address. AND a "Passcode". So far, so simple. BUT - HOW DOES IT WORK??? SO many questions, and NO ANSWERS . . . !!! Please, somebody, HELP!!! I'm giving an example of my dilemma: I created, lets say, "shadow mail" 12345@6789.uu.ma, and my passcode is ABC123DEF. Now what? Do I use my "shadow mail" as my "shadow return address" (which, if emailed to, then is forwarded to my real email addr. - I think I got that bit), when communicating with somebody, who I'd rather NOT share my real eMail address with? And what's with that passcode - when, and HOW am I to use that?? The above sentence in your "help" is NOT helpful - rather more confusing matters for me! I'm elderly, slowly getting ancient, and I just DON'T understand how this passcode thing is supposed to work (for me and others). HELLO - somebody out there ??? H E L P , P LEASE!!! THANK YOU!! I might put you in my will, if you're nice and help me to understand this, BEFORE I snuff it . . . IAXDNREB
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  2. Hi, I'm not really shure, since I'm also new to these features, but I can tell you what I understand. I think uumail is supposed to be a filter for emails, for example if I want to create an account for an app I'm not really shure I want to use, instead of putting my real email address, I put my shadow email (12345@6789.uu.ma) and so after testing the app I decide its not worth it, so I close my account, and the app does not have my information, only my shadow mail, which I can make it dissappear later (altough I don't see this option, it should be the way this works, if not, please add it maxthon people!). I think the passcode works like this: My passcode is 24, therefore, when I want to create an account for an app I want to test (let's say). I can put anything that contains 24, for example: lalalala24@6789.uu.ma and since it has my domain, it will automatically create a shadow maill named lalalala24@6789.uu.ma besides the one I already had: 12345@6789.uu.ma. Why would we want to do this? I'm still not sure, may be just a way to manage "crap mail". Regards Luis Angel
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  3. where is the option to open my last session tabs on startup?
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