• Return the normal font! (MX4.9)


    Hi! I still can't understand what the problem is to use the same mechanism as in the previous version (4.4.8). What's the problem? It is impossible to read the text on the screen, your eyes get tired.

    The first picture (4.4.8). The second picture (4.9)



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    Have you setup ClearType in windows? Search for "ClearType" in windows and follow the instructions.

    Could be that MX4.4 was using a different text rendering method that didn't used ClearType. If MX4.9 changed that, if your ClearType settings aren't set up correctly you'll get weird text like that.

    Looks like a case of the text not being aliased properly, which is something that ClearType does.

    Although not sure how the new DirectWrite option changes that. I've had no issues with it, looks the same as it always has.

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    Hi! windows 7. There are IE, Waterfox. Just updating maxthon was done. Had to go back to version 4.4.8.

    Monitor (1280*1024). I do not understand. The sharpness of the font direct my eyes hurt. On widescreen monitors it is not noticeable.

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    Yes, I enabled DirectWrite. Slightly smoothed. But the harshness remains. I'm not understand, why not do the same legible font, as for example in the old version (4.4.8)? With the first releases 4.4.9 the problem of the sharpness of font and remains.

    Why can't I see the form for the answer? I like the edit to use here. So, this option is enabled by default in windows 7-10 (Cleartype). And accordingly, it is enabled. Why do not want to accept the fact that 4.9 nonsense going on with the fonts here from the very first release. On my laptop (win 10, m4.4.9), the text is unreadable - the fonts are sharp.

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