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    I'm a newbie to Maxthon and to this forum.  I get the feeling this is not the right category / forum in which to post my topic, but I couldn't figure out how to put it in the General Discussion category.  It was grayed out where I was to select a forum.  Feel free to move it if that's where it belongs.

    Anyway, since I'm stuck at Opera 36 because I have Windows XP, I've been checking out other Browsers just in case suddenly even Opera 36 no longer works.

    I checked out Maxthon Cloud Portable (PortableApps.com) last night and it turned out to be the 1st Browser aside of Opera to ever get my attention as far as being able to work well on my Dial Up Internet and my FrankenDino (Frankenstein Dinosaur) computer. This Maxthon Cloud browser actually has some genuine excellent potential.

    That said, I have some questions.
    (1) In the Settings ... is the N: Drive the Cloud?

    (2) One of the around 2 instances of that N: Drive in the Settings was for the Cache. Does that mean that the default location setting for the Maxthon Cache is on the Cloud? I changed it to some folder in My Documents folder for now.

    (3) I don't like the Cloud. I don't do the Cloud. I don't want ANYTHING of my Maxthon usage to be associated with the Cloud be it uploading, downloading, caching, history, Etc. What all Settings would I have to make sure to set / change to assure that I am Cloud free.

    (4) I don't believe I saw a Setting for selecting where to save any downloads. Where would that Setting be? I don't want any download to wind up in the Cloud. I don't believe the Save Location Setting in the Quick Save Images category covers all bases.

    (5) Does Maxthon have the audacity to force update itself like Opera and who knows what all other browsers?

    (6)  The PortableApps.com version of Maxthon Cloud that I am using is  I take it that's quite out of date?  Do I understand correctly that the latest Maxthon Cloud version is 4.9?

    (7)  Since I am using Maxthon Cloud, it is obvious that at least THIS version still supports Windows XP.  Will Maxthon Cloud 5 support Windows XP?  Or will it follow in the footsteps of other browsers and cease support for Windows XP?

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    1 / not sure what this N: drive you speak of is? I don't use the cloud, but haven't come across this when testing occasionally. maybe someone else can offer something. But i'd say N: is actually a drive on your system. Open up an explorer window and check what drives are listed.

    2 / No. Again, pretty sure that isn't right and is more than likely a drive on your system.

    3 / don't sign up or at least don't use a passport account. If you sign in with Passport then you will get cloud features enabled. While you can disable them, if you only want a local account, it's easier just to not worry about it.

    4 / When you download something for the first time, you will get a dialog that asks you where to save the item. Choose somewhere on your system. All future downloads will default to that folder when the dialog opens unless you change it. But you will always get the option of where to save, you can't have it auto-save to a particular folder.

    5 / Yes, as with most things these days, changes happen frequently. If you don't want to worry about that download and extract a portable version. this won't update

    6 / Not quite. It's the latest (and last) version of that series. MX4.9 is the current branch until MX5 rolls out. MX4.9 misses out on a few features from 4.4, but is more up to date, and is recommended as you should have less issues with general browsing. If there's a feature you need from 4.4, then stick with that for now. Otherwise MX4.9 is my pick.

    7 / Can't say at this stage. But I wouldn't be surprised if it doesn't. WXP is long past it's useby date, and if dropping support for it means a better and more future proof browser, then that is what the dev team should be looking towards.

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    Okay, yesterday I set out to recreate that issue about the N: Drive of which I spoke.  I first supposedly reset all the Settings to default, but that didn't bring back the N: Drive.  So, I flat out uninstalled my PortableApps.com Maxthon Cloud and reinstalled it.  Now with everything freshly-installed from scratch, the infamous N: Drive did indeed reappear in 2 areas.  I have attached 2 images of Screen Captures of those 2 areas in the Settings where there is the appearance of this mysterious N: Drive.


    Ssss SO, what do you think?  FYI ... the only Drives I have in my computer are A: ... C: ... D: ... and depending on which Flash Drive I have plugged in at the time, it'll either be E: ... F: ... or G: Drive.  I have definitely never had an N: Drive in my computer.  Could it possibly be a variable standing for whichever Flash Drive one happens to be running that Portable Maxthon Cloud from?  What IS the normal default Drive mentioned in those 2 Settings areas in question?  Or could that N: Drive be something that exists only in the PortableApps.com version of Maxthon Cloud and not necessarily in all Portable versions?

    Quick Save Images Setting Screen Cap.jpg

    Maxthon Cache Setting Screen Cap.jpg

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    Oh and thanks for your answers to all my other questions, 7twenty.  If I get a chance to go to my sister's house tomorrow and use her High Speed Internet, I'll download Maxthon Cloud and check it out.


    Another question:  Okay, with my Opera browser, I always keep a backup copy of my Bookmarks file for whenever I have to reinstall it for whatever reason, I just slap that Bookmarks file in there and I've got all my Bookmarks ready to go.  With Maxthon Cloud, is there any particular location where I would find such a file that I could back up?

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    7 hours ago, Chim said:

    With Maxthon Cloud, is there any particular location where I would find such a file that I could back up?

    For a portable install:
    [installed folder]\UserData\Users\guest\Favorite

    Installer version:

    8 hours ago, Chim said:

    So, I flat out uninstalled my PortableApps.com Maxthon Cloud and reinstalled it.

    Don't use the PortableApps.com version. To my knowledge Maxthon don't officially create a PortableApps.com version, they're created and uploaded by users. It's possible if they don't notice, some of their custom settings might be transferred when creating the portable installer file. That is why the N: drive is showing.

    I'd recommend downloading directly from the forum, just download and extract the portable version: : http://forum.maxthon.com/index.php?/topic/19076-maxthon-browser-for-windows-v4482000-officially-released/ http://forum.maxthon.com/index.php?/release-notes/

    Or you can just press the "restore defaults" button in the top right of settings to restore it. Note you'll lose any other customisations as well.

    Otherwise the default folders are:
    Cache: C:\Users\[USER_NAME]\AppData\Local\Temp\Maxthon3Cache\Temp\Webkit\Cache
    Quick Save: C:\Users\[USER_NAME]\Pictures

    USER_NAME = your Windows username path

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    All right!  Awesome!  Some more excellent information.  Wow!  Nice hat trick there with that Restore Defaults button.  That certainly got rid of the N: Drive designation in those 2 Settings areas.  Solved that problem.  I'll still download the version from the forum, though.  I'm curious how different it is from


    Thanks a bunch, 7twenty.  You've been very helpful.

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