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The "MAXNOTE" is a nuisance; Every time I want to operate with "markers" I have to leave the tabs and also the system of markers view to 3 columns is very complicated. When I search for a bookmark, there is no option to open the folder where it is located. It is also not possible to save the same bookmark in two different folders.

The "LIBRETA DE DEFECTO" I do not like, it is also more complicated to use.

And from the "MAIN MENU" I think the same thing.

Getting open a "NEW TAB" is torture because the MX5 consumes a lot of resources and my computer crashes.

In summary:

The MX5 looks like a pretty little girl but dumber than a 1.
In my opinion all these changes do not compensate the difficulties that their use offers.
I am very happy with the "MX".


A greeting...¡

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