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  1. Magnet links aren't recognised. Can't do anything. It's not related to the program set to open magnet links, MX won't even recognise it for it to get that far.
  2. I add a new quick access block, click custom and enter url. The capturing screenshot action runs forever with a moving arc arrows animation . However, If I exit MX5 and run again, the screenshot is shown ok. I bet this is a bug. I find a workaround by entering url in address bar, right click the page tab and choose "push" and select last item in popup menu (i.e. new tab - my quick acess). The screenshot is shown very quick. I am using MX
  3. the update extension link is not showing up on the extension management page for developers, so i cant update my extension on the site
  4. Kindle cloud reader

    Browser doesn't ask me for permissions to allow offline reading. What do I do? I have the latest version of MX5.

    Hello, i have latest and for some reason stream are not loading ads are ok unfortunatelly. Any idea how to fix it? thx
  6. MX5 I've just switched to MX5 from MX4 and something very awkward is happening. I have it set that when closing a tab it takes you to last active tab. In MX4 it worked great. If I'd opened several tabs, after closing one it would take me to another that was just opened. In MX5 when closing one tab, it takes me to a new tab with Quick Access (or however it is called in English) instead of the next opened tab. It's as if the Quick Access panel was tagged like a tab this time around. It's annoying, since you can't simply go from one news to another with having to backtrack between new tab and opened tabs.
  7. Hello. Can i turn on auto night mode in MX5 ? If yes, where? Cheers
  8. A couple of days ago, I detected two icons of games, I have never installed, on my desktop. Checking where they refer to, I see they are linked to Maxthon Browser. I deleted both icons and today they are here again. Can anybody help to prevent this, that Maxthon browser installs games or other software, I do not want at all ??? If this cannot be prevented, I will for sure, move to a different browser. Bruno
  9. install Mx4+Mx5+beta

    I have on my PC Mx4 and Mx5 . what will happen if I install Mx5 beta should I delete Mx4 . To install the beta version should I delete both Mx4 and Mx5?
  10. I copy QuickAcess folder from UserData of MX4 to MX5's guest/QuickAcess but it doesn't work. The file format of dat files seem to different. Is they anyway to do this?
  11. I just started using github, and i find that i can not "clone or download" on maxthon. It works on other browsers though. Am i doing something wrong?