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  1. With this version and the last I can't scroll the menu in landscape mode so I can't access settings nor close browser. Switch to portrait mode and the menu scrolls fine. Edit: This only happens on my Nexus 2013 using android 6.0.1. I don't have this issue with an ltc phone running android 4.1 nor with LG X Power running the same version of android 6.0.1. Also, the menu is taller in landscape mode than it is in portrait mode. One would think the opposite would/could/should be true?????? Edit: This also only happens on my Nexus 2013????? Edit 2: Never mind, a clean install fixed it! Edit 3: Although the menu worked fine 2 or 3 times after reinstalling, I now have the same issue again. Still only with the Nexus7 2013.