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  1. Following this up here as it's a little easier to read/follow than on crowdin. So i think there may be some miscommunication in what i was trying to correct. On Android there is the "Smart Image Display" feature that is noted as such on the menu with a on/off switch. Then there is a notification stating "Smart Image Display on/off" depending on what was done. For some reason this same feature is shown as "smart pictureless" on iOS. And this is what the issue was referring to. It should also be "Smart Image Display". Maybe I should have added the comment to the "smart pictureless" string, but I thought that it made enough sense that it was about the feature name, which would affect all the related strings, not the exact string the comment was on. I don't have an iOS device, so if someone can provide a screenshot it would be handy if i'm not on the right track. In summary for the iOS strings left: smart pictureless turned on > smart image display on smart pictureless turned off > smart image display off smart pictureless > Smart Image Display Always pictureless turned on > Never display images @BugMiss006
  2. How does mx android determine the language in use? My phone is set to en-AU, but MX is using en-US? I would have thought that the fallback would have been en-GB? Even changing the phone to en-GB, of which there is a language file on crowdin, it still uses the en-US version language file!? Also some changes as noted in the sticky thread on the front page weren't updated in this release? Any reasons why? I'll be updating with the missing/unchanged issues later.
  3. Is there a way to do these: 1. Change the default Search Engine? 2. Force it to Reload all open tabs at each launch/crash? Thanks.