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  1. Using and at least the version before that I can not upload files to OneDrive when in Ultra Mode. Drag and drop for files work in Retro Mode but that has a great deal of other problems.
  2. UserAgent options are outdated. There is only max IE version 9 option and all UA strings of other browsers are very old. Please make update.
  3. How do I use the new design capabilities in I can't seem to figure it out. I want to change the background of some of my tiles. Thanks in advance.
  4. the option of putting in window youtube videos no longer available?
  5. Resource Sniffer can't be used while in Retro, Ex:, Watch a video in retro and it won't be detected by Resource Sniffer, And if you watch using Ultra Mode, It reloads. Kindly find what's causing this.
  6. Like this one: It plays once and doesn't repeat. Also, this website looks very different on Chrome. On Maxthon it has truncated content.
  7. I have IE11 installed on my computer. However, many sites I have tried retro mode with display a message that says I am using an older version of IE no longer supported by that site and that I should update to a newer version of IE, and suggest IE9 or newer. One even thought I was using IE6. But as I said, I have IE11 installed and no trace of any older IE versions. Could this be a user agent issue? I have what I believe is the latest UA copied from this forum and I don't see any reference to IE in that UA string. Any advice as to how to get Maxthon to use IE11 and to show sites that I am using IE11 when I go into retro mode? Thanks. Oh, and it is 5:54 P.M. where I am posting this, and Maxthon is still telling me it is 12:54A.M. Would really like to get this time zone problem solved soon.
  8. Hi, i have searched the forum, seems my issue is not reported. I had first experienced this with (previously i was on a 4.4.3.x), and now i am on I run winXP sp3. Sometimes (between 0 and 2 times a day) i start the browser, it launches properly then after a few seconds (< 5s) it closes itself. The content of the browser does not seem to matter (i.e. reload last websites opened or just bare quick access window). In general, once the issue is there, i can't get away with it. If i relaunch the browser many times, it closes the same way as many times. In some cases, if i wait a few minutes before trying again, i will launch and work properly, but often the only solution is to close the session and log in again, then it will 100% launch properly. Except for this behaviour Maxthon is very stable for me, even for hours of browsing. It doesn't behave like a crash, it just closes (there is not popup message, nor any other message when it happens to launch properly again). I have verified in active processes before the launch and after the close, there is no Maxthon zombie thread running in the background. I have tried also to disable ABP extension for 4 days and haven't noticed the issue, so it may be related to adblock, but considering the frequency of the issue, i could also be luck.
  9. 1. go to a youtube video, like this one: I've tested it on many youtube videos. all the same. 2. Now initiate replying to someone. 3. Type one word, and then press the spacebar button. For some reason, it doesn't allow me to put spaces. How come? Another issue I have with Google's websites is that I can't interact with the G+ notifications (can't click them and can't remove them). I'm using v4.4.3.4000 (user agent of Chrome to use WhatsApp website).
  10. Hi guys. I have a problem with this websites It was working good , but for a while. when no passport sign in with maxthon works best websites. When I log in maxthon passport does not work well! The search bar disappears. here the pictures.
  11. Hi, in the last days i got often the message Kann diese Adresse nicht öffnen Dem Protokoll chrome-extension ist kein Programm zugeordnet Translate : Can not open this address To the protocol chrome-extension is no program associated Is there anybody who can help? Thanks in advance : Martin
  12. How to check spelling?

    How to check spelling? For Russian language
  13. Hi, I will kill me soon, updating to 4.3 I lost all, forget the online backup, I thought to be connected automatically but no. Do you know if somewhere in some secret folder can I found my lost life? Thanks (Strange, the browse remember all my downloads, something is wrong)
  14. Did you guys experience opening Facebook in new tab then it loads long or it actually doesn't show the page?
  15. I would like to be able to automatically select the subfolder under downloads that would correspond to the date the download is made. I have pre-created a whole years worth of empty folders, one for each day of each month. Is there any way other than manually remembering to change the first download of the day to the correct folder? I know this isn't much but if it could be done I wold like to try. Thanks for any advice.
  16. Hi Maxthon is my preferred browser but unable to open Kindle Cloud Reader in the browser for about a week now. Had no troubles before and at the moment other browsers are able to do so. Any idea how I can fix this. Thanks much.
  17. boss key

    Boss Key really mucks up my autocad and microsoft office suite. After using boss mode... My alt key becomes problematic like it's sticking or something in these programs
  18. I have a filter set for my homepage. When I start maxthon, why is this filtered hompage refreshing again after it loads completely. I also notice the the Adblock plus takes a few secs to load. When I launch MX, the Adblock plus shows an off status then after a few seconds, enables itself. Is this why my homepage is refreshing itself again?? My fiilters where working wonderfully before maxthon intergrated AdBlock. is there a way to disable AdBlock and go back to AdHunter? Thanks.
  19. Dear Maxthon, I bought a new laptop. I've never deleted the history of my internet researches and now I've the necessity to export it on my new laptop. There is a way to do it? Where can I find the folder to find up the entire history? Thanks a lot Giambattista
  20. how can I download youtube video with maxthon browser??
  21. hi is it possible to change a setting so that maxthon can be used as firefox or chrome for instance, i thought there was a setting for this a couple of updates ago?
  22. Hi, I'm using Maxthon for the last 3 years - its my defalut browser. I neve had any troubles whatsoever but from couple of hours it began producing continiously this error and crashing after it. I TRYED to reinstall with no success and no change.. pls help me, I dont want to change my favorite browser
  23. What is the latest user agent string for maxthon?
  24. Сейчас на экспресс панели (или как она тут называется?) всего 8 иконок сайтов. Вопрос как сделать больше не прибегая к инструментам разработчика. 12712
  25. Hi, Tried searching to resolve following issue but unable to find any topics. I have 3 gmail accounts/passwords saved in magic fill. Now how do I choose which account I want to use to sign in with? If I right click, fill form it automatically fills the first gmail account. If I use the magic fill icon next to address bar and click the relevant account it opens a new gmail webpage but still the same problem. Any help would be appreciated.