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  1. Well, i discovered that this happens in Ultra mode . Whrn i switch to retro mode i have virtual surround but unfortunately i also have the ads on youtube videos. 7twenty , no this does not happen to othe broswers.
  2. Hi guys , I have this issue with Maxthon. When i want to hear music through Maxthon , example from Youtube , it is only in stereo mode although i have selected the option for speaker fill in sound card (realtek) along with 5.1 option. Same thing on Nitro and no problem at all , all speakers and woofer are in order. Is there a solution , configuration or extension that i shall install in order to have Fill speaker affect? Thanks a lot George
  3. Bottom right on the browser there is a square sign/button for adhunter. Hovering the mouse over it will it will show you the name and by clicking it will drop some options. Click on edit blocking rules and go ont he category you want (youtube) and copy/paste the lines from here.....
  4. It doesnt work well for all ads , in some cases ad video is executed without the ability to stop it and proceed to deisred video. probably in cases when ad is right before youtube video and not inside , after few seconds....