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  1. How to make mxskin?

    Why were the tutorial removed? I don't see how the violated any terms and at the same time I feel like they would have been greatly beneficial in helping out the community make more skins. Is there a better skin that I can work off of other than "My First Skin"? As that theme makes the tab on the bottom and adds a few extra things. Without a proper tutorial, I'm not sure if I can skin Maxthon efficiently.
  2. How to make mxskin?

    SnowLeopard replied at 2014-10-9 12:02 The tutorials are still in place on the forum. Do a search of the forum using "tutorial" as your ... Great... except for I can't read any of the tutorials as this is the message I get: (Note: The turtorial content is removed because this thread is locked by system. If you want to read the content, ask the admins to unlock this thread.)
  3. How to make mxskin?

    Hi everyone, I was wondering if there's any tutorial/guides on making a skin for Maxthon Cloud Browser?