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  1. It is maximized... It happens when it is maximized... That is why it's so annoying...
  2. Here is a video... maxthon(1).webm
  3. Yeah... I did not click on X... I'm using Maxthon as my default browser since it was MyIE so this thing going on nerve for me... I've tested more and realise that it happens only if I double click in the top of tab... Like the tab is not to the top... Like there is one or two pixels which does not belong to tab so when I move mouse fast to the top to close it, it do a restore... That wasn't problem with previouse version...
  4. Hi, I'm using version and almost every time (not every) when I double click on tab to close it, Maxthon do a restore like I double click nexto to tab instead on tab... After that I must maximise Maxthon... This only happens to me with this version...