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  1. Installed and reinstalled several times. Didn't work. So yesterday evening I've completely removed MX5 and cleaned the registry to make sure everything was deleted thoroughly. Now installed V4.9.4.3000 (I was so lucky to find the installation file on my HD!) and everything works fine again. This morning I went to see my dad (89!), and he said - 'Can you help me out please? My pc is acting very strange, nothing is working as it should.' Guess what?! He installed the update yesterday and experienced exactly the same troubles as I did, lost passwords, no history, adblocker not working and browser very very slow..... I'll have to go there tomorrow and follow the same procedure as mentioned above. Not funny
  2. Thanks, but - Passkeeper was already set to 'auto', still no passwords. - Change language doesn't work - Adblocker is not working anymore - Also my history has disappeared Unbelievable, for the first time in many happy years I'm seriously considering to leave Maxthon....
  3. I'm sure the new version has been a lot of work again but still...... Well. look at the title :-( Actually I'm pretty pissed off, I miss my startpages with the tiles. Now it takes me several clicks to get were I want to be. That used to be one or two clicks. And I have to fill in a password on every site I visit regularly, before it was all automated. Above that the browser is now in English while it used to be in Dutch. Sorry to tell you but I'm not amused
  4. Auto reload facebook picture

    Yes, bug fixed, all works fine now, thanks!
  5. Auto reload facebook picture

    Same here, screen flashes all over the place when clicking on an item. Can't FB anymore in Maxthon. Other browsers work fine..... fb bug maxthon.wmv