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  1. Can't set bookmark bar to icon & title

    Bump, trying to get help here. This feature is missing on Maxthon unless I am missing something.
  2. Can't set bookmark bar to icon & title

    I have it set as Icon and Title, yet I can't set the bookmarks to no title. Look at my 2nd attachment which shows how my google chrome bookmarks bar looks. I have both icons with no title, and one with a title. See how I have 2 for amazon since they both use the same icon, yet I can have one with text and the other with ZERO text at all, so I can distinguish between amazon video and just regular amazon. That is actually my Brave browser bookmarks bar, but same thing as chrome when it comes to bookmarks. update to the first image, just to accentuate my problem. I want the title of the bookmark to be blank so it can be icon only, but some of them I want to be able to have a title.
  3. Hey guys, looking for some help. I have the bookmarks bar set to "icon & title", as I have my easily more recognized and most used bookmarks as just icons, and the more nuanced bookmarks stored in folders on the bar. In Chrome & Brave, I am able to have the title of the bookmark be blank, and all of the icons fit nice and snug right next to each other and I am able to fit a ton of bookmarks on the screen. Is this an error on my part? It is grey everytime I try it.
  4. Hello! I'm new

    First post!