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  1. Is there a way to turn off webpage auto-refresh? It's very annoying when I have several pages open in tabs.
  2. Is there a way to make Maxthon5 warn me if I'm saving a file with the same filename? Currently the only options I see after a Help search are for quick saving images...and it only has 2 choices...automatically rename or automatically overwrite. I see nothing about warning me that I already have a file with the same filename before I save it. Thanks!
  3. Importing IE 11 favorites?

    Ah, so I first import to Maxthon all my IE "favorites", then export them back to my "favorites" folder, and then double-clicking them from my "favorites" folder will open the link in Maxthon? I would still like to know...where on my Windows 7 computer are my Maxthon Bookmarks stored? What folder are they to be found in?
  4. Importing IE 11 favorites?

    Thank you again BugSir006,'s what this sorry IE addict is used to doing: Open my "Favorites" folder in Windows Explorer Browse to the folder containing the IE faves I want to go to (camping, auto repair, home improvement, etc.) Find the link I'm looking for in that folder and double clicking it, and it opens in IE. My question is really...where are my Maxthon Bookmarks stored on my computer? If I can find them (which I have not been able to do, so far), that would be a start.
  5. Importing IE 11 favorites?

    Thank you much, BugSir006. One more question then...where are these Bookmarks stored on my computer? I sometimes like to view my Bookmarks in a Windows Explorer window so I can sort them by date, name, etc and then open them in Maxthon browser by clicking on them. Is that possible? Again...thank you much
  6. IE 11 has been acting stupid-er, lately and I've found that Maxthon doesn't seem to have the problems with websites I am experiencing. I have MANY IE "favorites", sorted into folders. Is there some way to export/import these "favorites" into my Maxthon "Bookmarks", keeping the file and folder structure? If I have to do it one by one it's going to take years! LOL!
  7. Hi