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  1. It's no longer works?

    I had the same issue. (And some others). Complete removal of 5.3.x version and a clean install of did the trick. Adblock works like a charm.
  2. Simple mistakes are back.

    I doubt that sending the folder will help since I did a complete removal of 5.3.8 and after that a clean re-install of 5.2.7. As far as I can see that solved the problems.
  3. Simple mistakes are back.

    I must agree. The last version ( is highly unstable. Crashing wihout any reason and only 3 or 4 tabs open. Starting without toolbars or installed plugins that worked flawless in previous versions. (Up to, not with any 5.3.xxx version) It looks more like an alfpha stage and not even beta. I really wonder who decided to make this an official version. If this is an example of how Maxthon is going at the moment, then it is better of dead and gone.