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  1. Thanks for advice. . . . . . . I eventually found a download link per your suggestions, but some of the links don't work. Have MX5 installed now.
  2. I want to install Maxthon MX5 on a Kindle Fire HD tablet, made by Amazon. Google Play can't be accessed on Fire. Maxthon web site for downloading MX5 for Android says that the app is already installed, but it isn't. Of course I know that Android must be set to "allow installation of apps from unknown sources," which it is. How can I find a source for Maxthon MX5 that can be accessed by the Kindle? How can I install same, if downloaded, when somehow the app is deemed to be already installed? Note: No version of Maxthon appears as an installed program in the "Settings" for apps in the Kindle Android OS. Therefore I am confident that Maxtron is not currently installed on my Kindle although an earlier version was once installed before being uninstalled by a malware detection program: Lookout.