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  1. [] Youtube longer loading time

    I have that issue and one where the broswer struggles to play 60 fps videos. It's not just the 1080p 60fps videos but the 720p 60 fps videos too and it's not an issue with just YouTube.
  2. Youtube ads are getting through.

    I think it's just youtube. Anime sites don't have any.
  3. Just as the title states. I'm using V5.1.6.10000. The LTV mining version. Screenshot: http://prntscr.com/i9cn2u
  4. Passkeeper security issue

    I agree passkeeper should lock if you close your browser. If you close it that means your are done with the session. It makes no sense that it should stay open for 15 minutes after you leave. Someone could easily come after you are done and have access to your passwords.
  5. It's been a long while since it disappeared and no updates has come out to allow me to download again. http://prntscr.com/dh8i66