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  1. Hi I get "No network connection" when trying to login to my Browser account. When falling back to the Guest account, the network connection is OK. The problem started yesterday. After a few tries I could finally login. Today I've tried at least half an hour to login but to no avail. I've never experienced this with any other browser. I'm using Maxthon v5.1.3.2000. Thanks in advance for any help. EDIT: if the login servers are down, the browser should be able to use local PC login data
  2. Correct. That's probably what I did before I tried those Subscribe links recommended by Magdalene. See my first post in this thread. EDIT: As far as I can see and remember, the (domain) filters I had defined (using ABP filter syntax) in the category "Add your own filters" were transferred to the new version of Maxthon. Only the filter lists were missing.
  3. Thanks for the info. A nice to have feature would be the changing of the location of some of the buttons. In order to be able to make the window smaller, all buttons must still be accessible. After the update I observed that the ABP button had moved from the bottom to the top of the window. All these Quick Tools could be moved to the bottom of the window, potentially covered by the URL display of the link that is hovered over. Another possibility is moving the address field to the bottom and moving the bottom buttons to the top. In the old Opera v.12.14 browser all tabs, buttons fields and menu can be moved to the bottom of its window. This is consistent with Windows' taskbar which is also positioned at the bottom of the screen by default.
  4. Only EasyList was there. The ones I added myself were gone. In "add your own filters" I can only add individual links according to ABP's syntax. I use "Filter Lists" -> "Add filter subscription" -> "Add your own filters", but your hint about the abp:// protocol is correct. The links I get on have a format like "abp:subscribe?location=https%3A//". Stripping "abp:subscribe?location=" isn't sufficient. "&title=Malware%20Domains" must be stripped as well. To make things worse, the link is URI/Percent encoded. It's the first time I see that perfectly legal, reserved URI characters like ":", "=", and "?" are encoded. A full conversion table can be found on but it's easier to use a website like After taking all these hurdles the resulting and valid ABP link becomes like this: My conclusion is that it isn't easy to add malware/tracking blocking link lists coming from ABP's website. I've now added EasyPrivacy, Fanboy's Annoyance List, Fanboy's Social Blocking List, EasyList for my specific country, Adware filters, Malwaredomains full, Peter Lowe's list, Adblock Warning Removal List, and a new one: NoCoin (blocks coin miners which are quickly becoming another pest category).
  5. I tried these but I don't seem to be able to add them to Maxthon's ABP. I get a Windows popup that refers to the Windows App Store when I click on the Subscribe link. The copied link is invalid for ABP.
  6. Hi After upgrading to version I discovered that I lost my AdBlock Plus custom added filters like EasyPrivacy. I added some custom filter lists to ABP since I haven't found anything better than AdBlock Plus for Maxthon. In Opera I'm using PrivacyBadger, uBlock Origin and Adguard AdBlocker on top of its very good built-in ad blocker. Can something be done about this or do I always need to reconfigure ABP when I upgrade? Thanks for any help Martin PS: since I don't remember the exact list of custom lists I had before the upgrade, please tell me if there are better filter lists than those listed on , which I'm using now.
  7. Hi Today I upgraded to version, but unfortunately the Maxthon window is too big and I can not make it smaller. I'm able to make all my other app windows smaller but not that of Maxthon. I've never encountered such a problem and would like to know how I can solve this problem. Thanks for any help Martin
  8. questions about functionality

    I get the following warning when I try to install the extension : "Malicious extensions may cause problems and invade privacy." I prefer not to install it as long as'm not sure it's completely safe. One of the main reasons I like the old Opera is that I've never needed extensions or add-ons for it because everything was built-in. For "Fit to Width" look at these screen dumps before and after enabling the function. 1) text isn't wrapping and can't be read without a lot of horizontal scrolling : 2) text wraps and no horizontal scrollbar is needed to read the text : This happens only with smaller sites that have designers who don't know much about HTML. Most people think Javascript isn't a threat but I know better. I just give a few articles about past problems and the incidents are increasing with time :- [Many Chrome browser extensions do sneaky things - Computerworld - Opera] For example, extensions can intercept Web requests from the browser and modify traffic and inject JavaScript into Web pages. [Most Ironic Attack Ever Plants Malware On Websites Using PageFair Ad Service - Opera] The PageFair hackers secretly replaced the fine JavaScript that pages usually serve with their own malware, which infected sites [Locky ransomware activity ticks up | Computerworld - Opera] recent Locky spam contains an obfuscated JavaScript file, which if executed downloads the ransomware I might be a control freak and a bit paranoid, but I want to keep security risks as low as possible. I know many people don't care about their privacy or malware but I do. I enable JavaScript only when strictly necessary. I choose sites on the basis of their content and navigability. Most of the time JS isn't necessary at all. For instance, the m-version of Yahoo works without JS on my PC.
  9. questions about functionality

    @BugMiss006 I'm sorry I didn't see your feedback at first. 1) Very well hidden, but I found it. Solved. Thanks. 2) ? 3) I mostly hide images because I'm very distracted by images when I'm reading. I'm also allergic for all types of advertising. A third, minor reason is that sites load faster without the images. In Opera 12.14 I can completely disable the caching of images and that feature also increases performance and lifetime of my disk. The old Opera has many features concerning the handling of images. The context menu function allows reloading/viewing any selected but blocked image. You can put a button in the toolbar that allows you to unblock all images on a page at once. There is also a setting for the blocking of animated graphics. Etc. Maxthon has an adblocker, I use OpenDNS with malware blocking set in the dashboard and a Hosts file (found in C:\windows\system32\drivers\etc) with more than 13 000 malware/tracking domains blocked. The latter is updated by Hostsman, but I included domains I consider as spying sites such as Facebook and Google. All those measures are good but insufficient, because I still get the images/ads of the websites I visit themselves. 4) ? 5) ?
  10. questions about functionality

    Thanks for the reply, but I don't need a script editor or style sheet. The page you refer to is in a language I don't understand. 1) If I find no solution for this, I'll re-install Maxthon and no longer login as I don't see the purpose of it. I'll lock my screen as soon as I leave my computer for a moment. 2) ? 3) not possible 4) ? 5) ?
  11. Hi I've been using Maxthon occasionaly because my old Opera 12.14 browser is no longer updated. I've a few simple questions for Maxthon v4.9.3.1000 :- 1) How do I sign out of my Maxthon Passport? The browser logs me in automatically when it starts up. 2) How do I disable all script excution in Maxthon? If there is no built in solution, is there any equivalent of 'NoScript' for Maxthon? 3) How do I disable all images of being shown in web pages? 4) Does Maxthon have extensions for displaying web pages with custom built stylesheets? I know about Reader Mode, but I've many others for my Opera desktop browser. 5) Does Maxthon support "Fit to Width" similar to the Opera browser? I sometimes need to zoom out a web page in Maxthon until I can barely read the text. Thanks in advance for your help. Martin