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  1. Stop asking for default browser

    BTW, I even tried setting as default temporarily and still comes up with that dang yellow bar at top asking to set as default or don't ask again every single new session. Is it really too much to ask to get that fixed? Oh and new beta installed today doesn't fix either.
  2. Stop asking for default browser

    Telling to never ask again does not work, and the box is already unchecked. Why would emptying the cache help?
  3. I have told it time and time again to stop bugging about default browser, but keeps asking at every browser session start up on Windows 7. On my Windows 10 PC I don't get this. The only difference is that I have moved the cache to a different partition on the Windows 7 PC via Maxthon settings, if that matters any. Maybe on Windows 10 I might make default soon given all the recent bug fixes and Firefox gone to crap, but on Windows 7 PC my wife prefers Google, so she gets what she wants.
  4. Twitter Youtube videos not working

    On Windows 7 PC I have same issue. Google Chrome plays media just fine, like here... https://twitter.com/LFC
  5. Twitter Youtube videos not working

    Reinstalling Maxthon does not help either. (
  6. Twitter Youtube videos not working

    I re-enabled IE on Windows 10, rebooted, enabled standard rendering in Retro mode, restarted Maxthon and still no video play... https://twitter.com/i/moments/874073548393861121
  7. Twitter Youtube videos not working

    Ding ding ding ding, I just remembered I removed IE via add/remove windows features a little while back on Windows 10 because IE browsed like crap. Didn't see the point in having it anymore. I would assume that's the problem.
  8. Twitter Youtube videos not working

    Retro mode doesn't work as a temp fix here, because I already had that enabled.