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  1. Stop asking for default browser

    and since nobody responded back about this newest PC Beta version I posted that just came out the windows media radio players linked up to VLC show up invisible on my metal lounge websites, they play the music but you cant adjust the volume or turn off if you want, it works fine in the last official version of Maxthon
  2. Ive been using the last official version of Maxthon 5 since it first came out and Its worked pretty good except for it crashes a lot at least 3-4 times a day but today I decided to test the new Beta version and one thing I noticed was on all 3 of my sites where I have music playing through windows media players linked up with VLC the players still play with the new Beta but they show up invisible so if I want to turn off or adjust the volume or listen to a different one I cant do nothing to change it up, I hope this gets fixed in the newer official versions because I need a browser that can play those, the last official version they work fine, I also installed the latest VLC but it still did it, I also noticed when I went to uninstall the Beta in my programs folder there was no Maxthon even listed there, I had to remove all the files manually before I went back to the one I had before
  3. MX5.0.4.3000 no Adblock Plus ?

    nevermind I found was in the custom quick tools add-ons on the top right corner,I was looking in the settings lol
  4. I finally upgraded to the newest official version of MX5 and it works fine but I just noticed the Adblock Plus feature is no longer there a extension download for it that will show up for my Maxthon browser ?