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  1. many issues

    the new official version of M5 that was just released recently I had to uninstall it and went back to V, I went to to do a simple upload of a picture and at first it didnt even display the options to unpload it till I refreshed it again, I went to ESPN to do my fantasy baseball line-up and it didnt display the move player options for the line-up until I refreshed it again, I went to picmonkey for a simple crop edit on a photo and it took forever for the edit options to even run, my music website doesnt display VLC media players no more in ultra mode and the chat box doesnt work right in retro mode so that became obsolete, I went to play a radio stream link for Coast to Coast AM and that normally links right up to VLC and it doesnt even show the VLC player no more, sometimes when I close a tab my Maxthon homepage where the main search browser bar is the homepage blinks once and the page goes blank for a second then reappears and in most cases using the new official version pages load very slow, I have none of these problems with V, the only problem I have with this older version is it crashes quite a bit but thats really not no big issue I've gotten used to it, the changes for me are very noticeable and I wont be able to use those newer ones if thats where the direction is heading, the comparison to the older version Im using again now compared to the latest official release is like night & day, Its not even close to the same thing anymore Lol
  2. thanks again, nevermind I figured it out with the " lightning bolt " switch core button you can go to either ultra or retro mode so now I know how
  3. OK thanks for your help, Ive never even knew about or used those options before so now I have more understanding of how to set that up and I'll be able to jump to the newest official release, one last thing is I tested your directions and it worked but how do I switch it back out of retro mode so it doesnt remember if I wanted that option, I unchecked switch core button and refreshed the website and like you said it still remembered it haha
  4. I switched back already to V and everything is fine again, I dont see how only back in late May 2017 when using V to now 8/15/17 how it could have changed so much where it doesnt even show up anymore lol ... I never had to switch to retro mode before if thats what you meant
  5. by " retro " mode what do you mean ? In my metal lounge is 13 stations total, the main one up top is a different style of media player I coded myself that one shows and works fine, Its the other 12 that are coded in as windows media players linked up to play through VLC because thats the only way to play them for maxthon 5, older versions of maxthon 4 you dont need the VideoLAN media player app, this new official version of maxthon 5 doesnt even show the other 12 but yet 2 official versions of maxthon 5 before this new one came out they show and work perfect, the only reason I put that different one in the main media player up top is because it works for my cell phone too
  6. I finally decided to test the newest official version V and when trying out my music lounge VLC doesnt even show the media player anymore ( windows media player ) that is linked up with my VideoLAN to play the stations on my website @ Ive been stuck using the older official version V that was released in late May because the last 2 newest official versions dont play my stations, V works perfect for VLC ( windows media players ) but eventually Im going to have to upgrade to the newer ones if I expect to still use Maxthon5 as my main browser but because of this problem I keep switching back