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  1. ??? whats up with MX5 on youtube ???

    yeah Its not all users are getting the youtube problems, some of it is youtube decides who gets the changes depending on the persons computer/laptop screen size or certain browsers, for example if someone uploads a video they made that is a smaller scale like from a cell phone or like windows movie maker but it is the smaller scale version video box those I will have the problems with, the good thing though is Maxthons pop-out button allows me to press that and It plays more normal plus it shows the full screen option again, youtube rolled this garbage out there and there are major glitches with how it functions and Its funny because the reason was for a better experience for users as they cut down on the bandwidth usage
  2. ??? whats up with MX5 on youtube ???

    yeah it must be youtube because the youtube videos play fine on other sites using MX5, I played one on twitter worked fine tried one on Vampirefreaks and played fine, only pootube it doesnt
  3. Ive been using V since it was first released 6/28 and didnt have no problems with it except it showed my history each time I turned off and restarted my computer but yesterday out of nowhere youtube wouldnt display the video box correct, it didnt show the full screen option button, the video player was cut off short and the frame size of the video wasnt displaying right, this wasnt the case before so I did a clean uninstall then jumped to the latest Beta version and Its doing the same thing, even had 2 MXup notifications blocked by my panda antivirus, never had that happen before either, I went to my other Slimjet browser to see if it was youtube doing it and youtube worked fine, the new Beta version didnt import all my saved fav's either or Its just taking much longer, thats a first also, had a few sites I normally visit say China wont allow over phishing, this is totally a different browser than I remember, lots of glitches now