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  1. Facebook calls are not working, v5.0.3.1400 //ok, have a great day
  2. if you want full intimacy on internet just go and use Tor and stop complaining here about some non-sense, just wanting to troll or flame. BTW calling yourself "savvy power user" is cringe af, you probably have a collection of fedoras.
  3. Twitch on MX5?

    indeed, now works as a charm. Thank you everyone for the help
  4. Twitch on MX5?

    // works with HTML5 player off //// and now its buffering It's definetly an issue tho Thank you very much
  5. windows 7, feel free to add me, i'll PM you my facebook adress
  6. Hello again, one of the main reasons to upgrade to MX5 was because i wanted to be able to watch twitch videos again. Welp, now i get this. Also, someone please look at my other thread, the one with "facebook shared photos". Thank you // i should mention that i am on v5.0.3.1200, the latest beta release
  7. I dont know if i should post a new thread but, i've updated to v5.0.3.1200 and the problem is not fixed. I should mention that i've also tried with ad-block on/off
  8. Thank you for the response. I am using v5.0.3.900. I'll wait till the next update goes public
  9. Hello, found a new bug, on facebook when you hit open in messenger and it's supposed to show you the "shared photos in conversation" it's just blank
  10. // thank you very much