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  1. Apparently I'm not allowed to post in the correct forum, as only this one was available, with the support forum greyed out. Anyway, I keep getting a Maxthon pop up on my Windows machine saying my desktop icon is "abnormal." This is definitely being generated by Maxthon, NOT by Windows. Here is the warning: Again, this is an "MxUP" window, NOT from Windows (I repeat this because a prior user already complained about this popup and kept getting told it was a Windows warning when he tried to delete the icon, which is NOT what is going on here). Anyway, the problem is that I do not want a desktop icon for ANY browser, and I get this warning every single time I delete the Maxthon desktop icon. It's pretty annoying to keep getting told that my icon is abnormal when it's actually deleted, intentionally. How do I stop this warning from popping up over and over again?