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  1. Maxthon Dock in MX5? And page search!

    Sorry. Back to the drawing board. Although I can have the MX Dock showing alongside MX5, I cannot use it when MX5 is running. I can use it when any other browser is running but as soon as I start MX5, any oened MX dock applications close and it sits there uselessly. And half of the pages I have in Skynote did not migrate to Maxnote. This is potentially disastrous to me. I am composing a revision of an encyclopaedia I had published last year for the second edition that will probably be published in about 4 or 5 months time. I rely on SkyNote to keep those notes and have them instantly available via MX dock when I move away from the research pages in the browser to the word processor. And other ideas of using the tasbar are a no-go as, even minimising Cortana, when I have pages open the taskbar is full of important links. As I concluded previously, it looks as if unless or until Maxthon reintroduce the MX dock, I'll have to abandon MX5 and return to MX4.
  2. Maxthon Dock in MX5? And page search!

    Thanks to everyone for their help. I have finally managed to reconcile everything. I have managed to keep MX Dock whilst using MX5. (I just have a superfluous MX5 sidebar.) But I ma able to keep those apps and notes availble when using other browsers and wordprocessor, spreadsheet etc. I know I could have added them to the taskbar but that gets overcrowded as it is. I'd also thought of leaving a small bit of the desktop visible with those icons but that wouldn't work properly and I actually like to keep my desktop uncluttered. At least Gmail doesn't tell me to upgrade, Google maps permits scrolling and Trainline lets me use the browser. I.m sure (because everyone tells me so) that MX5 must be better than MX4 - not too sure why. But I must remember to use CTRL +F to Find in Page rather than right clicking. Other than that, and getting used to how to scroll to any of the most frequently used page links, I think I've got where I wanted.
  3. Maxthon Dock in MX5? And page search!

    Thanks for your comments 7Twenty & PHYR. I have found MX Dock is one of the most valuable things about MX. From whatever I am working on at the time - be it emails, research papers, website creation, or writing a manuscript using any of my browsers, wordprocessor, spreadsheet etc., having the skynote, Google keep, diary, calculator, url shortener all available at a single click is really useful. I do like being able to right click my mouse and use "Find in page" which I didn't see in my MX5 evaluation. It is particulalrly useful when checking through a research paper and wanting to check a reference immediately. Of course there are some slight inconveniences not present with newer browsers: my Google mail account keeps telling me this version of Chrome (sic) is not supported and recommending I upgrade. I cannot use the mouse scroll button to zoom on Google maps, videos don't run on Twitter and a couple of websites I use don't work on it telling me it's out of date. It was in the hope these minor annoyances worked that I upgraded. However, unless or until the dock feature is reinstated, I'll stick with MX 4. Re Skynote, I have used various alternatives previously, including OneNote, but skynote's there and so convenient. In it's old form, I can select anything quickly and more conveniently than through favourites' folders. Those few seconds each time all add up.
  4. Maxthon Dock in MX5? And page search!

    I do now have both MX4 and MX5 on my machine. I cannot see any reason why MX5 is better than MX4 when it doesn't have the elements that are essential for me, namely: MX dock and "Find in page". I have all these other browsers available to me, apart from MX, mainly to check how the websites I manage show in each: Edge, IE, Polarity, Vivaldi, Firefox and Chrome. My default and preference is MX for the reasons already stated: ability to work on 2 pages at once, the dock with SkyNote, and other apps available when not using MX, "Find in Page" etc. Why should I give those essential features up because someone tells me MX5 is better? (I regularly use Firefox for one charity I am involved with and Chrome for the charity I currently chair. The advantages of these being separated from my personal browser are enormous - particularly in ensuring passwords for things like PayPal etc don't get mixed up. Each browser can host a different identity. and having Sky Note available via MX dock to all browsers means I can easily share and transport research papers etc required for the writing I do in connection with the charities.) I have been into computing for 37 years. I think I am able to judge what elements I find most useful and which seem to have been sacrificed in the name of progress. Unless and until the features from MX4 I require are reinstated in MX5, whether or not Maxthon continue to support their old browser, I'll continue to use it.
  5. Maxthon Dock in MX5? And page search!

    Whew! Managed to reload MX 4 and retrieve everything and the functionality of that program. Note to self: keep clear of MX5!!!
  6. Maxthon Dock in MX5? And page search!

    Thanks. I'd thought the newer browser should have been better than the old one. I'll just hope reinstalling MX 4 works. Devastated if I've lost all the important Sky Notes I'd been assembling ahead of revision for second edition of the book I'd written.
  7. It is just probable I have just made a catastrophic mistake by upgrading to MX5. I use a number of web browsers for various reasons. The main one being, I run a charity and have to keep much of that separated to ensure confidentiality and so different browsers remember different passwords. Having the MX Dock available to the different browsers was a godsend. Is it possible to pin the sidebar ("MX dock") to the desktop as I did with MX4? I love(d) Maxthon for many of its features: the ability to work on two webpages side by side, the easy searching for content on the page - which seems to be missing now? When checking latest research and adding links to the charity website, it has been helpful to not only have the research page open at the same time as the charity webpage but also to be able to search it for relevant information. When lured into upgrading, the website said all my favourites and settings would be preserved but they're not. I'm having to re-teach it the IDs and passwords for all the sites I use. Sky note has been lost, supposedly replaced by Maxnotes. One category of my Sky Notes of importnat links etc for my charity had 16 topics. It now only has 11 ! Five of the most important pages of links and notes are missing! And I want to be able to access the notes from the different browsers I use. Is it possible to get those back? And I hate the changes to the new page button. It's not so easy to browse the 80 sites I keep an eye on. I knew where I was with the old system and could scroll from one page of thumbnails to the next easily instead of having to go back to the index page each time. And It's not been easy trying to get them ordered in the right way for me to find them easily. If it is not possible to detach the side bar nor regain my SkyNotes for use on other browsers, is it possible to revert back to MX4? (And if I do, will I be able to regain what I've lost?)
  8. mx://res/empty.htm

    Don't know if I've found the right place to put this. Since I have anchored the left hand content pane to the desktop instead of the browser, Maxthon will occasionally set up a new window titled XXXX showing mx://res/empty.htm as the URL. Is this a bug? And another "bug"? I have encountered on a few occasions is sometimes when I click on a link on a page, that page just disappears and I have to find and reopen it. I'm using v4.4.8.2000 on my Windows 10 laptop which it tells me is the latest version. I love Maxthon for its speed, the left navigation pane, the "Find in Page" menu item and the ability to split the screen.