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  1. I have tried in vain 6 times to add a photo to a Facebook post this morning. Each time Maxthon froze requiring me to stop it via Task Manager. Eventually I had to revert to using Google Chrome to perform the task. I also find it is more likely to fail when I am also using Libre Office - which is also more likely to fail when I am using Maxthon. Problem is, with my work (for te charity I manage), I need both the Office suite and browser active at the same time. Every time Maxthon upgrades, I hope errors are being fixed but the problems seem to get worse - perhaps because the new modifications require more processing power? Why do developers seem to imagine users will only be using their program in isolation?
  2. mx://res/empty.htm

    Don't know if I've found the right place to put this. Since I have anchored the left hand content pane to the desktop instead of the browser, Maxthon will occasionally set up a new window titled XXXX showing mx://res/empty.htm as the URL. Is this a bug? And another "bug"? I have encountered on a few occasions is sometimes when I click on a link on a page, that page just disappears and I have to find and reopen it. I'm using v4.4.8.2000 on my Windows 10 laptop which it tells me is the latest version. I love Maxthon for its speed, the left navigation pane, the "Find in Page" menu item and the ability to split the screen.