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  1. Searching from address bar is very slow

    I didn't notice this issue here, apart from some occasional and general network slow downs I did though And I still do. I was waiting to see if someone else would reply, but apparently, I'm alone with this issue. It also happens when I highlight a word and drag it in order to google it in a new tab, which is otherwise an extremely helpful Maxthon feature. Alas, it gives me the same seconds-long delay. I can open a new tab in the meantime, type the word in the search bar and hit enter, and this new search is completed before the first one. I have a very fast connection, so it's not that. And my search URL leads directly to Google.com without any search partners or other parameters that might slow down the search. I also have delays when I open a new tab sometimes and when I open my settings. I assume that the thumbnails on the new tab page as well as my settings are somehow synced with Maxthon's servers, which would explain the delays. Is a search from the address bar also synced with other servers? Maybe to figure out if it's an URL or a search string?
  2. I usually google things by pressing Ctrl+N to open a new tab and typing away. Since the address bar initially has the focus, I google from there. Using the search bar would require an additional mouse click. But I've noticed that Google often takes a second or three to respond. When I google from the search bar instead, or use Google's search bar while I'm already on Google.com, the results pop up instantly. Does anyone know why that is?