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  1. Hi everyone, When a open maxthon, the first page that load is "mx://last-visit/" It happend each time my computer auto-stop at programed time ( with maxthon turned on). If i close Maxthon then turn off my computer, there is no probleme. Can i modify something to not have "mx://last-visit/" at start in this particular moment? thx
  2. download video

    Same problem for me: -impossible to dowload on Youtube, dailymotion, msnvideo, myspace video, crackle, vimeo, bigthink, and -metacafé, comedy central,, and redtube do not show the "download / popup" bar (, aol video, ishare.redif,, youporn work -Blinkx do no load/show the player... Hope that wil be helpfull for MX5!!