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  1. Windows taskbar problem

    If it helps you further: I found a way to reproduce this easily. Just minimize and then maximize Maxthon again. It does the trick.
  2. Windows taskbar problem

    Some new info. I've figured out that Maxthon does not actually prevents taskbar from popping up, Maxthon just stands in front of it and you can't see nor interact with it. For example, you get a Telegram Message, taskbar pops up, but you can't see it until you minimize or restore Maxthon, because Maxthon is in front of it for some reason. It's like it does something like Maxthon.BringWindowToTop() and brings Maxthon over the taskbar in Z-order.
  3. Windows taskbar problem

    It's takes roughly 15 minutes to bug, maybe faster. You are just surfing and doing stuff and then you try to bring up taskbar with your mouse, but too bad, it's already bugged. Also, if it helps: you can fix this by restoring and maximizing window again. But ~15 minutes later it bugs again.
  4. Windows taskbar problem

    Right, previous versions didn't have this issue. It started when tabs top border bug was fixed.
  5. Windows taskbar problem

    I use Windows 10 x64 and Maxthon Taskbar is at the bottom of the screen.
  6. Windows taskbar problem

    Exactly. Not F11. Just maxhimize, not fullscreen. In fullscreen mode taskbar should not show up, it's normal.But it should pop up over maximized windows when I move mouse to the bottom of the screen which is not happening with Maxhton roughly 2 of 3 times.
  7. I have "Hide Taskbar" option enabled in Windows. The problem is sometimes I can't bring taskbar up if there is a Maxthon window maximized. Maxton blocks the bottom of the screen like if it was the topmost window. Then in a hour or two I notice that everything is fine again. I can't reproduce this bug, but you can achieve the same result if you start Task Manager, make it topmost and maximize it. Maxthon behaves the same.
  8. Tabs do not fit the screen boundary

    Yes, exactly. It is very frustrating. This is somehow related to abnormal border behavior fix, I guess. Now Maxthon has a tiny 1 px border around it's window while maximized. When I try to switch tabs with my mouse, I have to position the pointer precisely to not hit the top of the screen or nothing will happen on click. This is is ridiculous. Also, if I double click on the top of the screen above the tab, if restores window. This is incredibly annoying. Have to downgrade to prev. beta version now. This 1 px border is CLEARLY A CRITICAL BUG. Makes Maxthon unusable. GOD this makes me produce a bad word every single time I try to switch tabs!