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  1. Sidebar Favorites

    I told about extension New Tab Plus. Is in broken? How made it?
  2. Sidebar Favorites

    Does New Tab Plus work in MX5? In new tab? Because many people wrote that Symbaloo does not work anymore. But Symbaloo is the same...
  3. Skins issues

    Split posts from Wilsers skins thread. You may continue discussion of this matter here, and only here. Any posts regarding this in other threads will be deleted without notice. 7twenty I did not like this, but I can download it. MX Forum is not so convenient place. People don't understand how it works. Moderators block someone every day without giving any reason. I know guy, who created account here, added information about himself, photo and has been blocked because of personal website. I don't know anyone who like this place. You should not close your skins. People like it and people looking for the easiest way to download it. You guy from Russia ask me to download a few skins from Chinese forum. He he thought that he had no right for this. In that topic you have to write comment to download skin, but that topic was closed already. And what we have to do? If you just add skins in topic and will not close it, if every one can just open this page and download skin without registration, nobody will re-upload your skin on other website. Because there will not be reasons for this. Think about this... ... upload skins on other website, where people can download it without registration in one click, and add link to this site here. By the way, many websites pay for downloads. Because I talk about people who dont have bad intention. But there are alltimes will be people, who just want to earn, like Fortuner.
  4. Skins issues

    Nope. I told not about moderators (so this is not about point #9). I told about people who can not download skin here. That's why one of them download skins here and upload it on other websites. Why? Because this is the only way for all who can not download files here. And this is not blocked users only, this is people who don't trust MX any more for examplae and don't have account here. Someone want to help other users. Is it bad? Yep. Because this is theft. And nope, because this is help. This is the World Rules: if people can not download files here, they will do it in other place. I offered the solution: @Wilser should upload skins on other websites and add the link here (by the way many website pay for downloads). And no one will re-upload his skins (if we tald about people who do it not for money). If may be archive: skin, link to forum page (or other Wilser's profiles) and manual how to add it in MX. ... I don't know him. And I don't know almost nobody from my stories. But I know that these people exist. ... Off-top is not my fault. You pointed to the problem when you wrote about Looping's post. I just write how Wilser can solve this and that this is not Loopig's work, he just copyes the other person link. I saw website when this link has been post firstly. I will not write where, because it will be point #8, and I will not write who, because you will block him, but he don't break rules here, outside only. But forum rules don't work outside. P.S. You know why I protect Looping from time to time. What do you say about these? maxthon.livejournal.com/127060.html maxthon.livejournal.com/tag/скины You know what you have to do if you want that your rules work outside forum.
  5. Skins issues

    OK. I don't know. But I want. I read your rules and I want to know why you can block me. Because you blocked free man for personal website, but you could not do it.
  6. Skins issues

    I have eyes. He did not break rules. Facebook pages dont' matter. Forum rules work only here. You know the story about blocking because of personal website. Reread rules, that you have written. You can not block anyone for personal website, but you did.
  7. Skins issues

    And all his accounts are blocked. That's not him. He juxt found these skins and posted links. By the way, you had no reason to blocke him. He did not break forum rules.
  8. Skins issues

    I did not need it. I just talk about problem: You blocked so many people, so noone can download skins here. That's why they upload it on other websites. How to solve this very hard problem? Open skins maybe? Do you know how people in the East and Central Europe call MX forme? Gulag! Ans this is loyal users! P.S. That was not Looping. And you know it. You know that he's blocked many weeks. He just found this skin on other website. Russian user upload the first two skins there. I will not tell you name and will not give you link. Thats you work, not our. Why opeople do it and don't think about authors? Because many people can not download skins here. How it will help me if I'm blocked here or don't have account? It will help if I have this skin and want to talk with developer. By the way, Zork added many years ago.
  9. Dictionary 3.0, SaveTube, ViewTube, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, VK.com, OK.ru, LiveJournal, Web-ICQ and Web-ICQ Ru, etc. as I think...
  10. Skins issues

    Your forum rules work on the forum only. You can not punish me for breaking your forum rules outside the forum. You have to understand this. You said the same year ago and now I say it to you. For some reason you forget about it. Every author want to see as many users as possible. But how many users can find and download skins on forum? How many users did you block without reason, just because you can? For example, I know man, who create account, add photo, infrormation about himself and has been blocked. Why? Because of "spam". What spam? Link to personal website in the infromation about user. Does it contradict the rules? No!
  11. Last wave of approving was 07/07. Almost 1 month ago! What are you thinking about? Do you have so many loyal third-party developers?
  12. From time to time it does not work. Website issue. But it's the best way. I use it for feedback.
  13. Maybe... I used MultiTranslator as example, so did not think about this.
  14. Step 1. Sidebar addons Step 2. Bookmarklets Step 3. Scripts Step 4. Toolbar menu Step 5. Localization Русский перевод Original Russian guide Most of extensions for Maxthon Browser is just sidebar extensions. It's very easy for develop. Very easy. If you have predesigned template, you can make new sidebar addon in a few minutes. Addons for sidebar have minimum of functions, but you need minimum of efforts to make it. We have a lot of sidebar addons for Maxthon. We have many addons for the same websites (Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc.) with different icons and size of windows. I'm perfectionist: I want to see beautiful icons and I want to have ability to resize the sidebar window. So I looked what is inside these extensions. I do not know anything about programming. This is just my experience. Today we'll start learning how to make extensions for Maxthon. And we'll begin from simply addons for sidebar. Sidebar addons will be the basis for other our extensions. Are you ready? I want to show you how to make Google+ for MX sidebar. Why Google+? Because G+ was updated and now I use new desktop website for my extension, and if you like old mobile version of G+, you can make your own extension! Let's start! NB: I will use old screenshots from original Russian guide for Yandex.Mail. Because Google+ is more relevant than Yandex.Mail now, but I'm too lazy to make new screenshots. And there is Russian on these screenshots. Sorry. 1. Create a new folder and name it Google Plus. 2. Inside Google Plus folder create a new folder and name it icons. 3. You have to make three icons in different sizes for your extension: icon_48.png, icon_32.png and icon_16.png (for Extension Center, sidebar and toolbar). NB: .png is the format of image, not just a part of name. You can not just add .png in the file name, it will not work! You should use any program to change the image format (for example Paint.NET) or just search only PNG images (for example in Yandex). 4. If you don't have icon in PNG, you can make it from any other format. Just open your image in Paint or Paint.NET, click File → Save as... and choose .png in file type field. 5. Now we have icon for our addon and we need two copies. Copy and paste. Copy and paste. 6. Now we have to resize our icons. Right click on any file, choose Open in (I don't know how it's called in English versions of Windows) → Microsoft Office Picture Manager. In Picture Manager window click Edit Picture → Resize (or something like that). We need 48x48 (icon_48.png), 32x32 (icon_32.png) and 16x16 (icon_16.png). 7. Working with icons is completed, go back to the Google Plus folder. 8. File def.json have to be in the extension folder. So... Open notebook, write information about you (as author) if you want: name, email, website. Usually I add source in "website" field. I think, your def.json will look like this: [{ "author": "who developed it", "name": "your name", "email": "your email", "website": "https://plus.google.com/" In theory, users can see this information in Extensions Center, but... I never saw this.Add the date when you made it: "date": "05.12.2015" The next what you need to specify is type and version of your extension. You can use any number, but we start from v.1.0.0: "type": "extension", "frameworkVersion":"1.0.0", "version":"1.0.0", Maxthon uses GUID to indicate and update extensions. You can not upload your addon in Extension Center if someone used the same GUID. And you can nou use addons without any GUID. Where you can get it? Here. And it looks like this: "guid": "{ABD3EBCE-FFD0-4D0A-A68A-B93E446310A3}", Now we'll name your addon: "name": "Google+", "icon": "icon", "title": {"en": "Google+"}, "description": {"en": "sidebar addon for Google+"} Now you have to choose where you can see your addon. Most of MX extensions use button in sidebar and old MX users like this. But new users who came from Chrome want to see extensions in toolbar. Toolbar buttons look very funnily with Ultimate Chrome skin. So... sidebar or toolbar? "actions": [{ "type": "panel", "entryPoints": ["sidebar"], Next point is ability to close the sidebar window. MX Team made strange choice: by default you can only minimize sidebar window, but not close. I have no idea why. So just add this: "stopOnClose": true, Enter address of page what you want to see in sidebar window. For mobile version of Google+ this is: "main": "https://m.google.com/app/basic/", What about the ability to pin and resize window? Use true if you need it and false if you don't: "allowPin": true, "resizable": true, And finally, the last thing what you have to specify is windows size: "width": {"default": 480, "min": 300, "max": 500}, "height": {"default": 720, "min": 610, "max": 1200} That's all and now you need only close all brackets: }] }] If you did all right, now you see some like this: [{ "author": "who developed it", "name": "your name", "email": "your email", "website": "https://plus.google.com/" "date": "05.12.2015" "type": "extension", "frameworkVersion":"1.0.0", "version":"1.0.0", "guid": "{ABD3EBCE-FFD0-4D0A-A68A-B93E446310A3}", "name": "Google+", "icon": "icon", "title": {"en": "Google+"}, "description": {"en": "sidebar addon for Google+"} "actions": [{ "type": "panel", "entryPoints": ["sidebar"], "stopOnClose": true, "main": "https://m.google.com/app/basic/", "allowPin": true, "resizable": true, "width": {"default": 480, "min": 300, "max": 500}, "height": {"default": 720, "min": 600, "max": 1200} }] }] 9. Save this note as def.json: click File → Save as, in the file type field choose All files and write name for this file: def.json 10. All done! You need only pack it! You need MXPocker for this. Just drag Google Plus folder in MXPocker and get you GooglePlus.mxaddon: Use duble click to instill it in your browser. If duble click does not work or you use portable version, just copy new file in C:\Users\WINDOWS USER\AppData\Roaming\Maxthon3\Users\MAXTHON PASPORT\Addons and it will work! Look up. You made the first your own extension for Maxthon. But... In new Opera you need only one extension to add any website in sidebar. In Vivaldi and Firefox you can just add website in sidebar by link like in bookmarks. And only Maxthon users must dance with tambourine every time! Why? P.S. If your extension does not work, write me about this. I did not test this addon and maybe I made a few silly mistakes... Русский перевод Original Russian guide
  15. Google has millions of extensions and hundreds or thousands of these extensions are updated every day. And every of this extension has more rights and privileges, than MX extensions. So Chrome extensions can be potentially more dangerous. 3K extensions was upload in Extensions Center from 2010. A bit more than 1.5K extensions are available today. And this is extensions that can work only on page, in sidebar or toolbar. Maxthon talk that this is because of security, so MX extensions potentially safer than Chrome. So... A few extensions, little rights and powers... And several week for moderation? I know you made a few extensions. And if you don't know how MX moderators work it's just luck! A few reasons why my extensions were rejected: upload it again, site works wrong be blocked by popupblocker to huge doesn please don Pleas "don't" what? Or this is "done". What is done?
  16. Oh... I planned to write about localization in part 5... I don't know about JS and localization, because I don't know anything about JS, but... Use "_t": "app.title". For example: "title": {"_t": "app.facebook"}. Make locale folder with en.ini: [lang] app.facebook=Facebook That's all what I know. Because I can make only simple extension. P.S. I used New Tab Plus add-on as example for new tab extensions. And I remember something about "en", "zh-cn" etc. Maybe it's what you need.
  17. Almost instantly... when moderator checks it. I remember the time when updates updates appeared every day. But now moderators work irregularly and you have to wait for 2 weeks. But this is not so bad. For other browsers this is longer period. P.S. Every second friday as I noticed. Tell me if you need help. We can add toolbar menu or scripts for fast search or sharing.
  18. Эти пробовал? Не помогло?
  19. Вот и свершилось то, чего многие так ждали. Хоть и не в том виде, в котором хотелось бы. AdHunter наконец-то научился работать с подписками для стран... могли бы радостно воскликнуть мы, если бы сам AdHunter при этом не перестал существовать. Я хотел немного не этого, мне было бы приятнее, если бы Maxthon довели до ума собственный фильтр, добавили возможность добавлять подписки по ссылке (как в ABP и т.п.), допилили блокировку вручную. Всё-таки мы прожили с ним столько лет. Сколько плясок с бубном мы пережили?! Кто из нас не проклинал AdHunter сотни раз? Год назад мы с AH умудрились сломать Maxthon. Фильтров в нем было настолько много, что MX тупо выдавал критическую ошибку и вылетал при попытки синхронизироваться. Но это был родной AdHunter. Он был тут раньше нас, и мог оставаться и после... Но нет... Опуская личное отношение и вопросы об уважении к старым пользователям, нужно признать, что переход от непонятного (хотя и отлично работающего) AdHunter'а в популярному (хотя и не идеальному) AdBlockPlus - это правильный шаг. Это привлечет, а главное удержит новых пользователей. А разве не этого мы хотели все эти годы? Меня всегда задевало, что Maxthon был на задворках. Хотя это создавало ощущение какой-то элитарности... В любом случае, уже поздно. Ничего уже не вернуть. Новым пользователям однозначно есть чему порадоваться. Теперь их жизнь станет немного проще, а людей, которые ушли только потому, что "фильтра рекламы под MX нет", уже не будет. Я искренне надеюсь, что Maxthon придет к успеху. И хотелось бы верить, что MX не будет наступать на свои же грабли. Откажись они от AH 10 декабря 2012, это было бы не так болезненно. Нужно уметь отказываться от ненужного и сосредотачиваться на действительно актуальных проблемах. Главная проблема MX с ABP - потребление памяти. Я даже не уверен, что он смог бы нормально работать на моем старом компьютере. А у нас в стране не принято чинить то, что еще работает. Зачем новый, если старый еще не сдох. Знаю, что многие не обновляются только потому, что не хотят переходить на новый быстрый доступ. Кто-то остался на MX3. По-мне, так это глупо. От прогресса не убежишь. Назад уже не вернутся. Так что есть вещи, которые нужно просто принять. Хотя, будь у меня ПК на ХР, я бы поставил МХ2 и был бы счастлив. Но оставаться на МХ 4.4.3 в ожидании того, что Maxthon "осознает ошибку и всё вернет назад" глупо. Не вернет. Вы только зря тратите время. Но это ваш выбор. Я хочу предложить вам эксперемент. Он будет интересен скорее новым пользователям, чем старикам. И, уж извините, новые пользователи - это те, кто не застал MX2, для кого MX всегда был браузером на WebKit. Я хочу показать вам Maxthon таким, каким видели его мы. Итак, я предлогаю вам зайти в раздел форума, посвященный релизам Maxthon для Windows, и скачать любую portable-версию. Не забывайте, что баги с HTML5 пофиксили в версии Откройте любой сайт, затем Меню -> AdHunter - Редактировать фильтры. В появившемся окне вы можете указать фильтры для сайта, на котором только что были. Но это нас пока не интересует. Нам нужны Глобальные правила. Проблема в том, что подписка на фильтры AH была почти бесполезна для пользователей за пределами Китая. Скорее всего, в нее попало не больше 5-10 сайтов, которыми вы хоть иногда пользуетесь. Поэтому вам и казалось, что AdHunter бесполезен. Он просто не знал, как работать с нужными вам сайтами. А чтобы он начал фильтровать рекламу на русских сайтах, нужно было загнать русские фильтры в Глобальные правила. Но где их найти? А вот это и был главный косяк. Не так то это просто. Есть сайт Ru-Board, а на нем - обсуждение Maxthon, в котором собрана вся возможная информация о браузере. И среди строк, полных ников, названий, версий и ссылок, спрятались четыре автора глобальных фильтров для русских сайтов: ALeXkRU Alaska14 KDASOFT Ang_Reload В день, когда впервые оказался на этом сайте, я пожалел о том, что не нашел этого раньше. Говорите, AdHunter не работал? Да некоторые из этих фильтров были настолько лютыми, что отфильтровывали то, что ABP и не снилось! Просто попробуйте. Загоните любой из фильров в Глобальные правила и пошарьте по сети. Кстати, я использовал фильры от ALeXkRU, мне их хватало. Да, временами реклама появлялась, но что мешало заблокировать ее вручную? Ну а если глобальных правил вам мало, есть был еще и внушительных список фильтров для отдельных сайтов. В общем, не так был плох старый добрый AdHunter. Ему просто не хватало возмоности добавить подписку по ссылке, как в том же AdBlockPlus и его аналогах. Добавь Maxthon эту возможность, все проблемы были бы решены. Жаль... Но что уже сделаешь? P.S. Мы переехали на новый форум. Старые обсуждения были любезно скопированны для нас администрацией. Вот только сделано это было, судя по всему, несколько месяцев назад. Мои посты уже давно выглядят не так. Да и оформление слетело. Пришлось редактировать. Так что, если что-то не сходится, или спрашивайте тут, или сверьтесь с оригинальным постом.
  20. Do you talk about "entryPoints": ["contextMenu"] or some one else?
  21. Some extension need preinstalled

    He told about extension: YouTube Links (or the same script for ViolentMonkey). Sniffer and Float Bar still dont work with HTML5. He told about fast image search. You can use website if you want to find Putin's photo right now. But if you want to find the source of the image you need context menu like in Google Chrome or Yandex.Browser. I don't know cool extensions with this features. I don't think that this is good idea. Remove pre-intilled extension from Maxthon is not so easy.
  22. То ли Magg, то ли 7twenty пробовали портировать расширение из WebStore. Но проще дождаться, когда вернут в MX5.
  23. Some help with MX extension API's

    Nobody will help you. Get used to this.
  24. А в других браузерах не блокирует? Просто о косяках с ABP лучше писать в ABP. Но региональные фильтры - не их косяк.
  25. NoAds

    NB: This extensions does not work as you want, so I don't recommend to install it now. Just read. I would like to talk about NoAds. This is alternative ad blocking extensions. Very old... I think it's the port of extension for old Opera, but I'm not sure. NoAds was popular in Russia when Maxthon used AdHunter: with NoAds you can add rules for your country, but AdHunter was not so convenient for settings of locale rules. But some MX update broke NoAds: if you try to add full rules, you can not open any websites anymore, white page only. You can use NoAds still, but only with short list of necessary rules, not full. And you can block every ads manual (by click). So NoAds still can be used, but not so comfortable as you want. If you tried to add full lists you have big problems: you browser does not work anymore (if you did not uninstill NoAds). So you have to go in C:\Users\WINDOWS USER\AppData\Roaming\Maxthon3\Users\MAXTHON USER\AddonsData and remove NoAds folder. Many users faced with this problem, so NoAds developer removed addon from Extensions Center. As @ALeXkRU wrote on RuBoard, developer removed NoAds form Extensions Center because of Blink bug. Extensions was popular in Russia, so you can find NoAds in the web. For example, NoAds on RuBoard (Ctrl+F and find "NoAds"), a few months ago some one upload NoAds in Extensions Center again, but this is not original, just re-upload. I don't know how it works. But I think any alternative is always good and we really need alternative to ABP. Users want to have a choice. And now when every week MX Team makes new build of MX 4.9. Beta and fixes so many bugs with websites and extensions, I think they should look on old NoAds. And if this is possible, if this is browser issue, they can fix its working. And if it's necessary, we can try to find NoAds developer. Just think about this...