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  1. karajan no , I'm talking about the 'last session' tab. mx://last-visit/ BugSir006 I do use it sort of like that. Usually when I browse the web I open a lot of tabs, more then I can handle in one day , so when I close maxthon it records all those tabs in the last session window and when I reopened maxthon I just start where I left off . I don't bookmark them unless I'll need them again in the far future . Btw , my history is still there . 7twenty The config.ini file only has the new sites since the old list disappeared . There's a larger config.dat file in the same folder , I opened it in notebook ++ but all I see are weird characters . How do I make it display in English ? Also , inside the backup folder there's a folder called QuickAccess with files that go back as far as QA-2017-02-14-18-48-25.mxbackup. Are they related ?
  2. Hi, Yesterday I rebooted my pc and when I opened Maxton my last session list was gone. The only thing that was on the list where the last 3 tabs I had open before I closed the browser . I had about 100 things on that list that I go back to when I have the time . How can I restore this list ? It's not in the "Earler Session " tab either . I'm using v4.9.3.1000