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  1. Yes, I do the very same steps with the old vs the new version. No changes in the outlook. It works fine when I use the snipping tool or ms paint, Copy -> Paste inserting the image not as attachment. Thanks 7twenty
  2. Hi there, I used some old version of MX4 with no problem and then decided to update to v. After the update I face some small issues and looking for your help. On my work I frequently need to make screenshots and Ctrl+F1 helps me a lot. In the last version when I do snapshot and need to paste it in Outlook e-mail new message, it paste it as file, not as screenshot as it used to be with the old version. Is there any chance to change it? I use Office Professional Plus 2010 and Maxthon PFA snapshots from before and now. Another offtopic, but just wanted to share here as well. MX5 is not user friendly for PCs, which you're not administrator and access internet via proxy. I use MX5 at home, but it's nightmare in the office without Admin rights. Constant requests for internet authentication, log-in is difficult and often impossible. Always ask you for admin rights for keeping it as Default browser (this is not the case with MX4). I am just forced to use MX4 in the office. Appreciate your help, Best regards