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  1. MX, video problems

    Works like a charm. You were right. Updating the Nvidia driver to 385.41 solved all the problems. Videos, gifs, all working again. Btw I have no idea what's the connection between a new Maxthon version and the graphic driver. Thank you for the solution.
  2. MX, video problems

    Same problem with videos and GIFs since last stable version. I can't use Youtube, Twitch, Facebook, and other similar pages. Very annoying. Only audio Some screenshots: (you can see the encoding on Youtube. strange thing that vp9 / opus encoded videos are working)
  3. I confirm this problem. I have Windows 7 Pro system and after installing the new official version, all steam icons on desktop turned into globes. It seems Maxthon has file association with .url extension default, but I don't know why it changed the icons. Screenshot: