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  1. I'm glad to hear it. Thanks to both of you.
  2. I finally made the switch from Maxthon 4 to 5 and I have a quibble. In all my years of Maxthon usage, I have always been able to open the Quick Access next to the active tab. Now the Quick Access is permanently stuck on the right end of the tab bar. Crucially, this means that opening the Quick Access from a tab way over on the left, the newly created tab will be at the opposite end of the window. This feels disorienting and inconsistent when compared to opening a new tab any other way.. When I'm browsing a web page and want to quickly look something relevant up and return to my previous page, I have to change my deeply ingrained process (reinforced by four Maxthon generations over more than a decade) to accommodate a fundamental feature change that I don't see the justification for.
  3. Start page quick launch icons

    The current version allows you to switch back to screenshots. Click on the gear next to "Cloud Tabs" and click on the picture that says "website screenshot" under it.