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  1. History not loading.

    Sorry for not replying sooner; I've gotten distracted. So far, the problem hasn't reoccurred. I will keep an eye on it.
  2. History not loading.

    It would be nice if we could export the history to a readable format if it's becoming unstable.
  3. History not loading.

    I didn't actually delete them, I copied the whole history folder and only deleted one version. The old history is safe for now. Will do. I have tried refreshing and it didn't help. Even a browser restart didn't help so far. _________________________________________________________________________________ After applying the latest beta, I once again have history except for most of the last three days.
  4. Several times lately, I have tried to access my browser history and been faced with the loading icon and no content. Most times it has eventually loaded and worked, but this is the second time in the last week that I haven't been able to wait out the problem. The first time, I temporarily removed all the History_Part_*.dat files from my UserData and when I reopened Maxthon, I had lost the last three(?) days of history. I am running v5.2.4.3000 portable and have over 40 History_Part_*.dat files dating back to late 2013. Anyone know how to fix my recent history instability? I don't want to be forced to clear out all my old history to fix this unless there is a way to export my old history data to a format I can read.
  5. Start page quick launch icons

    The current version allows you to switch back to screenshots. Click on the gear next to "Cloud Tabs" and click on the picture that says "website screenshot" under it.