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  1. I'm not in Russia so that was not the case....
  2. I'm almost sure it was a network problem and not problem in the browser itself. Don't know why but it's working now . So finally after 3+ months i am able to delete all my passwords and account data
  3. Nope, i'm from Bulgaria. Fortunately we don't have any censorship problems here Just tried - same problems. By the way, i am not able to open even from firefox, so i suppose the problem is network related and not in the current maxthon installation.
  4. The problem still persists here. Tried another two different machines and internet providers - still unable to connect. Can't open Maybe is network problem i don't know....
  5. Just tried from another ip on another machine and different internet provider - same result - no connection at login.
  6. Hi, since last few weeks i am unable to login to my profile. PC version, windows 10. The same is on my android phone. I live in Bulgaria if that matters. I tried to ping and, both seems offline from here. Also can't open . I did full reinstall of MX5 but still can't connect. And even worse now i am not able to connect to passkeeper and download my passwords from the cloud....