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  1. Last session tabs open in reverse order. Hence I open last session twice each time I open the browser.
  2. I have just downloaded & updated Maxthon to with Win 7 Home Premium. I have my desktop taskbar set to auto-hide until I mouse the bottom screen edge, but since the update when I move the cursor to the bottom of the screen the taskbar no longer rises.
  3. Task Bar Remains Hidden

    I am also experiencing mouse wheel not re-engaging until clicked after expanding Maxthon window to maximum with left mouse button. You too?
  4. Android Download Not Via Google Play

    Thank you Oliver, that worked perfectly
  5. Hi, Can anyone offer me a link to download Maxthon onto my Android handset whilst avoiding Google Play? I found one before, but my handset has recently been wiped, & I cannot find the link again. Thank you, Justin