inject css file [with def.json]


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skonukcu replied at 2013-3-27 22:15 back.gif

def.json :

             "actions": ,

      "include": ,

          "js": ,

      "css": ,

        "stopOnClose" : true,


"type": "script", and "css": , "stopOnClose" : true, are incompatible:

CSS can include in *.html file.


here your CSS


"type": "panel", not "script" and here can be used "stopOnClose" : true or false. Not as we want.

Now "entryPoints": and is very important for addon, changing can cause disabling an addon or not properly functionality.

"css" : ,

and must be inlued in def.json file

"includeFrames": false or true


Remove css TEXT from def.json file

M3_test.css :

background: { #000000; }

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