I Want an AdBlock Program for Maxthon


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You may want to consider using DNS servers that neutralize the IP addresses of the most common advertisement sources. I suppose I should consider that myself, if I'm going to recommend it to others, though, eh?

I use SpyBot S&D 1.6.2 for its similar function of simply changing the Windows "hosts" file so that the address found for any known malicious websites are simply reported as the address of my own PC, although this program is more about blocking malware and less about blocking all advertisements.

(one thing about SpyBot 1.6, though, for anyone who might suddenly install it upon reading my post: I recommend un-checking the "TeaTimer" option during installation because I think it's caused me some problems before.)

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If you want an adblock for this browser or more then get coding. Adblock Plus that's for both Firefox and Chromium & Chrome is an open source that you could start with. Otherwise go with the choices on here. Nobody's going to spoon-feed to create one for the browser. (or atleast not now)

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