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How to send page title and URL to local file/program??

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In my beloved Maxthon 2, I have long ago co-opted the "Super Send To" plugin to pass the currently active web page's title and URL to a .vbs on my computer that adds that title and URL to a text file list of "pending" pages. That ancient plugin (Super Send To) hasn't seen any development in many years, so I doubt the creator has any interest in porting it to Maxthon 3/4. I'm not even sure that the plugin can be ported, as it uses an .exe, not browser scripts. According to my reading, the only scripting language I know is available to Maxthon 3/4 extensions (JavaScript) is prohibited from writing to local files or launching local programs for security reasons (aside from some outdated IE functionality).

Basically, I'm way out of my depth here and looking to solve this fundamental problem: how do I get the active page's title and URL from Maxthon 3/4 to my .vbs (or possibly the text file itself)?

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