cannot upload my extension - error message: the encoding of def.json is wrong

FB Purity

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whenever i try and upload my new extension, i get the following error message:

"the encoding of def.json is wrong, please use Unicode or UTF-8 with BOM."

i have double checked that the file is saved as UTF-8, and recompiled, but it still wont allow me to upload it, anyone got any ideas how to fix this?

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FB Purity replied at 2014-1-29 12:57 back.gif

Are there any maxthon staff / admins or devs who can please answer why this is occuring?

Hi FB Purity,

Thanks for your message! I will pass along your error to the appropriate party and try to get an answer. Please know that a lot of the office is out due to the upcoming holiday but I will try to get what help that I can.

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