FLash video player on Android

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Hi, and welcome to the forum. :)

Which user agent are you using? Try switching to Android UI, it is the easiest solution.

If you want to view videos in desktop view, it may be necessary to download the latest available flash for android.

Adobe offers a video on how to go about installing Flash for android, find it here:


Edit: This solution worked for me on both android jelly bean4.3 and kitkat 4.4 and 4.4.1( it should also work on earlier android releases). I'm not sure it was necessary, but it did work.

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Ok, tried all the different desktop settings still no luck with my device finding flash, I get to kabam.com, select wartunes, select my server, pages attempts to load then states unable to find flash. i know Flash works, with dolphin browser it loads but just chokes then crashes and photon browser it works but I just don't like that browser. When I disable all other browsers and click on Flash to set to always store info, on Maxthon only get a gray page, Dolphin and photon the Flash selection page loads.


Sprint Galaxy Note 3

cyanogenmod 11 Android Version 4.4.2

Flash version (last version developed for Android)

Maxthon Browser (however prior to this version it never loaded, getting to the server page is progress)

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Maxthon Android v4.2.1.2000 running on a TV with 4.1 I think, from the LAN over ethernet.

When I click on an AVI file I get a box saying "download/play directly" and I can choose to play it and it plays just fine - it loads BSplayer.

When I click on an MKV file I don't get any box or choice - it seems to be trying to download the file - and after several seconds Maxthon crashes and I'm back at the previous screen.

I tried the UA setting and selected Android but nothing changed.

Can someone tell me how to get Maxthon to just play the video like the AVI file does?



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Maxthon developers should investigate the possibility of using similar video player as seen in UC Browser. It's open source so they could just borrow it...

I just started using Maxthon on my PC and on my HTC one S and can confirm that the video player works but is the same as on the Chrome mobile version so it's pretty poor as i mentioned earlier UC Browser has an excelent video player and Maxthon should use it or make something similar.


I am not trying to be offensive with this comment i am just saying that in my opinion the player on the UC Browser is better than the ones seen on Maxthon/Chrome browser versions on android.

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