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Flash and Startpage


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joemax replied at 2014-1-12 15:49 back.gif

Flash works great for youtube.

Why would the start page search work on other pages?

Every time I try to watch a youtube video I get a message stating to download flash before viewing. When going to the adobe website I can get to step 2, but a file will not come up for me to download. I have turned off ad blocker and the file will still not come up. If you can offer any advice I will greatly appreciate it.

As for startpage will i try to highlight and search for a term or use the address bar to search using startpage search engine it will not work. I have to go to the actual web site.

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Belated welcome to the forum :)

Thanx for elaborating. (and I'll presume you are having problems with the version you visited the forum with)

Maxthon installs with flash player for webkit, so if you are using ultra mode you do not need to install anything. So the first thing to check is that you are using ultra mode, Main Menu > Switch browser core or use the browser core button on the address bar(be sure it's enabled from the Main Menu > View)

If you are using retro mode, Maxthon will use your systems version installed for IE.

To fix for problem in ultra mode, try reinstalling or maybe switching User Agent in advanced options.

For problems viewing in retro mode, ensure you have flash for IE installed.

With regards to startpage search, are you referring to Quick Access or iMaxthon.com?

If you are referring to Quick Access(speed dial), then yes, there is a problem and the devs are aware of it. I'd suggest using the Search bar when changing search engines, it does work properly.

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When switching to retro mode flash works on youtube. As for ultra I tried IE 9 and chrome for user agent and it still did not work for ultra. I will just stick with retro. As for startpage take for example I highlight, right click and search for certain works the search engine's start page will come up blank. If I enter the phrase into the address bar the search engine's home page will show up blank. I have startpage set as my default search engine. When trying with google everything works fine. If I try with another web browser startpage works find.

--Thanks for getting youtube to work for me.

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