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Just for fun: Drag favorites bar everywhere

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If you've used Maxthon since version 2, then you know that toolbars can be moved by dragging. Now they can't be moved anymore, saddly.:(

Today, I made a skin that you can drag the favorites bar around.


Cool hah? :p Unfortunately, Maxthon won't remember what you've changed.:L

So, like I said, just for fun, give it a try. Maybe someday, Maxthon will bring this feature back, let's hope so.

You can download the skin file here:

(Note: The skin file is removed because this thread is locked by system. If you want to download the file, ask the admins to unlock this thread.)


Happy new year!:)


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This is sweet!!!!!! To bad positions can't be saved, can't help but feel they could be somehow. Anyway, this is very nice. Thank you.

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