Tutorial part 4: How to move tab bar to the bottom of browser


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Many of us want to get a skin that display the tab bar at the bottom of the browser, like m$ Excel workbook does. Unfortunately, neither the default skin nor most skins we downloaded has this option. Today, I will teach you how to modify the skin you downloaded and move tab bar to the bottom of the window.

(Note: The turtorial content is removed because this thread is locked by system. If you want to read the content, ask the admins to unlock this thread.)

This is how it looks after modification:




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I can't PM you, cause I don't have the right access.

So there it is :

Sorry to disturb you, but I find your skin really interresting and I wanted to try to create my own and share it. But I can not find any SDK or documents that explain the css and html stuff in detail.

I mean, my idea is to add an tab option : "pin tab". It would be the same as "lock tab", but in additon, it'll display only the favicon + notifications (someting like that : https://www.dropbox.com/s/ujyy06vqe3xm1o0/pintabMx.png )

But I don't know how to delete or modify the page title.

If you have any idea, or if you want to do it, it'll be awesome !

Thnaks :D

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