[Q]tab background-repeat?


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can somebody help me? i can't make the tab looks right

the tab.png is repeated, i was change on ../tabbar/container.css , but it seems..

the original code:/*

Tab object


.tab-container .tab {

context-menu: selector(menu#POPUP_TAB_CONTEXT_MENU);


margin-right: -5px;

padding: 5 8 4 8;

min-width: 16px;

max-width: @TAB_MAX_WIDTH;

width: @TAB_MAX_WIDTH;

height: 100%%;

color: #000;

background: url(../images/tab.png) expand;

background-position: 6 6 4 6;

background-repeat: stretch-left stretch-right stretch-middle; <<<<< this make me :@

}can someone help me ?

please make this ,is works


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Marsealdelo replied at 2013-12-25 01:44 back.gif

wow, i just edited the background-position to 0 15 5 10 .. and it works, but i don't know whats is ...

Read this skin SDK first and you will understand a lot of things. Maxthon is based on HTMLayout - http://www.terrainformatica.com/htmlayout/ There you can find a lot of specific and useful code. CSS Scripting language for example.


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