Tutorial part 2: How to make favorites bar more compact


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Many user complain about Maxthon's favorites bar, because it is not very flexible. For example, the compact mode of favorites bar is not compact at all.

Look at this:


This is a favorites bar in normal mode, it's about 1079 pixels in length.

And this is compact mode favorites bar:


It's about 945 pixels. Only 134 pixels shorter.

Why compact mode is not compact at all? Because Maxthon implement this feature in the wrong way. It should display only site icons for those favorite items which are not dropdown menu, like this:


It's only 552 pixels, compact enough.

Then how can we change that behavior through modifying the default skin? In just 8 steps you can acheive that. (I know you can change the favorite items title to unicode character U+0160 to get the same result, but then all items will have same blank title, which is unsatisfactory.)

(Note: The turtorial content is removed because this thread is locked by system. If you want to read the content, ask the admins to unlock this thread.)

This is how it looks:







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david662 replied at 2014-1-7 09:18 back.gif

Great ! thank u very much !!

PS: i think it would by nice if we could add titles to some selected f ...

Yes, you can show titles of some favorites, download following skin, right click and mark the sites you want to display title as "most favorite".




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