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Youtube to Mp3 Downloader - Help From Author


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My new extension For Downloading


There are Two type errors one is With Hd Videos and other is with new Videos

For that tow errors we have one solution

here it is

For hd videos and To Get the sharing Links Do this

the problem is


Step one

Right Click on the green Space

Select this Frame

Then Click Open in new tab


Step 2

Then it opens a New tab

From there u can download your Mp3





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Not self-advertising, but simply offering an....alternative, perhaps if necessary, temporary, solution: http://extension.maxthon.com/detail/index.php?view_id=1785

As for violentmonkey, that simply enables capacity for installing userjs. It wouldn't affect the functionality of an extension unrelated to userscripts. In very rare but closest to problem there could be with extensions, would be MIXing extensions (again, VERY rare, at least on Maxthon, from my experience. More common on other browsers), not problems withOUT having extensions mixed, especially unrelated ones.

Assuming perhaps this extension is, as far as the actual js goes, just one file like a lot of extensions, then it could PROBABLY be installed in violentmonkey, with userscripts tags and the content inside, on the top like on all userjs, but then it would be pointless to have the extension, because you'd be having the same thing but incorporated into a script installer rather than standalone. Irrelevantly, not ALL scripts will work inside violentmonkey, and only work as a standalone extension, one for instance being NoAds, which, if installed in violentmonkey, won't allow subscription to any rules and will disallow the manual blocking via shortcut key.

also, you DO know that DAP is made by speedbit, which is questionable in regards to ....well anything...right?

Just a friendly suggestion, ... I don't mean it rudely...I'm not outing you. Just making sure you know the ... practices of speedbit - for instance, ads, LSP alteration, etc.

I'm not one to believe MyWOT on software blindly, because they have TONS of faults, but....if you read its comments for Speedbit, it DOES have an...unreliable reputation.

And as for the relevancy, because I remember a long while back on the old forum, Roxana had babylon, and I want to clarify to ensure it is acknowledged as relevant: (I see DAP in the context menu on your screenshot).

Again, I mean none of this rudely, I'm terribly sorry if I come off rudely, I really don't mean to, I apologize.


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